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Is there any way to tell when my baby was conceived? Comments & Discussion

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Guest Aug 26, 2018 04:12:30 PM ET

I had sex with a guy on july 8th, and than i had sex with my ex boyfriend on july 10th. i am eight weeks pregnant. please, some one tell me who could be the father?

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Guest Jan 20, 2017 01:23:26 PM ET

My last period was july 4. i had sex like the 10-15th, then again on the 17-20th. my due date is april 9th. when did i get pregnant?

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Pprettydamsel Sep 29, 2016 06:46:30 AM ET

My lmp was on the 13th of june 2016, i had sex with my real boyfriend on the 22nd-28th of june. i was raped on the 8th of july and when i conducted a pregnancy test on the 9th of august, i was 2 months pregnant. was i pregnant before or after my lmp, and who is going to be the father of the baby?

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jessie Apr 7, 2015 09:55:15 AM ET

I've been messing around with this guy for over a year now. we went out of town while i was still on my period, but before we left it was over. we slept together, which was on the 13th of september. i slept with someone else on the 26th of sept. the doctor told me my conception date was the 26th. could i possibly be pregnant by the other guy? i need answers fast. my due date is june 19th, and i have to know who the father of my child is before he is born. can anyone help me out?

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Guest Mar 31, 2015 06:16:02 AM ET

Please. i really need help. i have a long term boyfriend but we broke up in january. i had what i thought was protected sex with an ex on 14 february 2015. (i say thought as he is now implying that he put holes in the condom). i got back with my long term boyfriend about 5/6 march 2015 and i had unprotected sex with him. i had what i believe is a normal period on 27 feb 2015. i am now pregnant. is it likely to be my ex or my current boyfriend's child?

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Guest Mar 13, 2015 01:01:36 AM ET

I had sex with an ex on the tenth but he didn't. but, the doctor say my conception is the 14th, and that's the day me and my bf did it. so could he be the dad?

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guest Mar 3, 2015 10:47:28 AM ET

Me and my girlfriend broke up on july 24, and she is pregnant. her first week is july 28, and is due on april 20th. she got back with her ex, and is trying to say it's his. how can i tell when the baby was conceived? i know when we broke up, she never had her period. please help!!!!

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Guest Jan 24, 2015 12:56:22 AM ET

I'm 14 weeks pregnant. in which month did i get pregnant?

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unknown Jan 18, 2015 10:44:52 PM ET

My last period was on december 23, 2014. i stepped out a few times from my relationship, and i just found out i'm pregnant, but i'm not sure who the father is. guy #1 on dec 16th, or guy #2 on new years, guy #3 on jan 4th, and guy #4 on jan 7th. please help. i was told i'm less then a month. please help.

Unknown2 Feb 20, 2015 12:29:46 PM ET

Omg, we have the same exact story, except i only had two different guys, but on the same days (dec 16th, and new years). i'm "supposedly" 11 weeks pregnant, so i counted back both dates. for the 16th, i'd be 9-10 weeks, and from new years i'd be 7-8 weeks going on 9. but, in my ultrasound my baby looks like a baby, so i don't know sweety. i'm going to the doctor today to figure this out, because now i'm unsure of who the dad is, and how far along i really am.

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guest Jan 15, 2015 05:05:26 AM ET

If my ultrasound says that i'm due on march 30th, and i had sex on june 17th, and july 5th and 6th it's not possible it was from june right?

bebe Jan 28, 2015 06:17:16 AM ET

Yes it is possible. doctors usually date pregnancies out 40 weeks. that's about 10 months.

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