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Is there any way to tell when my baby was conceived? Comments & Discussion

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Guest Feb 19, 2014 05:06:23 AM ET

My lmp was on the 24th-25th of november and my due date is august 31st. when did i conceive? thank you.

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Guest Feb 1, 2014 01:46:42 PM ET

My due date is july 29 and mistakenly had an intercourse while drunk on november 2 and had an intercourse with my boyfriend on the 4th who's most likely to be the father? this is my worst nightmare!!!!

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Guest Jan 10, 2014 06:19:12 PM ET

My due date is august 31. when did i conceive?

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Guest Nov 22, 2013 01:45:17 PM ET

If my lmp was suppose to on 10-9-13, but started on 10-6-13 when did i conceive? when is my estimated due date?

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Guest Nov 9, 2013 06:59:12 PM ET

I'm due march 12, 2014 when did i conceive?

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Mommywood Oct 26, 2013 01:32:09 PM ET

If someone didn't have a period in the month of july but got their period august 3rd...and is 13 weeks today 10/26, how is that possible?

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Mommy wood Oct 26, 2013 01:21:32 PM ET

My last period was 8/3/13. they said my due date was 5/10/14 but when they did my 12 week ultrasound they pushed it to 5/3/2014, the doc said they pushed it was because the baby was very long, does that make any sense? i didn't get a period, in the month of july. took 2 pregnancy tests july 24th & 29th both were negative. when did i conceive? because the ultrasound does not match my last pd.

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Guest Oct 7, 2013 11:00:06 AM ET

If i conceived june 24th when did i get pregnant?

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Guest Sep 16, 2013 10:44:09 AM ET

I'm 19 weeks 4 days pregnant. today 09/16/13 when did i conceive?

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kristi Sep 11, 2013 02:46:36 PM ET

I had an ultrasound on sep 9th 2013 an they said i was 5 weeks an 3 day's. so when did i conceive can you please help me the doctor didn't say when i did or when my due date is

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