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Is there any way to tell when my baby was conceived? Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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Guest Jun 26, 2013 12:01:15 AM ET

I am due jan 23 sonogram says 9 weeks is that correct?

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vicki Jun 6, 2013 06:10:08 PM ET

I had sex on dec29 and my last period was jan and had sex jan12 and came on jan 13 when i have my baby

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Guest Jun 2, 2013 09:12:17 PM ET

My duedateis december12th .. when did i conceive can u please help me

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Sherry Jun 1, 2013 10:22:34 PM ET

If i been involve with some in november of 2011 can they be the father if i deliver in oct 2012 reason why i ask is that i had my cycle that dec and jan got involve with other guy in jan found out i was pregnant fed 13 deliver oct 15 please help

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jessica t May 24, 2013 07:12:01 AM ET

If my last period was april 16,13 and im 10 days late and did i have a period or was it implantation bleeding i didnt cramp at all. if my due date is february 22, 13 . wen did i conceived my first baby

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ms.p May 20, 2013 12:31:39 AM ET

Im due september 19 2013 when did i conceive ?

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Stephaniie May 7, 2013 09:17:43 AM ET

My last period was 3rd september 2012 due date is the 10th june when did a conceive?

Ty Jun 5, 2013 01:48:39 AM ET

I'm due same day. i'm pretty sure i conceived on the 17th of september

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kathy Apr 11, 2013 07:52:00 AM ET

If my baby was due february 18th 2013 when did i get pregnant?

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danio Apr 10, 2013 04:46:04 AM ET

I had my last period on 27 december. the doctor says am due on 9 october. so which day did i actually get pregnant or which day did the sperm actually ferterlize. coz the problem here is i had sex with two men with 20 to 24 hours difference. so i really dont know weather its the first or the second guy got me pregnant. please help

jessica Apr 23, 2013 12:19:58 PM ET

Im due the same da and was told it was about the 16th januar when i concieved

delia May 25, 2013 03:49:20 PM ET

Hi jessica, do you think i conceived on 18th jan since am due 11th oct? just basing on your results

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VIVIAN Feb 16, 2013 08:51:41 PM ET

My due date is june 28th wen did i conceived

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