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High Fat Diet During Pregnancy?

by Anne Sommers, Licensed Midwife | 0 Comments

Q My aunt is 8 months pregnant and all of the foods that she eats are fried in vegetable oil. This is her first baby and my uncle claims that some doctor told them that the oil is good for her. I cannot begin to understand how potatoes soaked in oil can be healthy for the baby. She eats this type of food all day. Please advise me or correct me if I am misunderstood.

A There is no doubt that your aunt is taxing her liver and gall bladder by consuming so much hydrogenated, cooked fat. This type of diet contributes to gall stones and high cholesterol levels in her blood. This could lead to eventually lead to plaque-filled arteries, resulting in restriction of blood to the brain.

Of course some oil is necessary in the diet, however, according to "Prescriptions for Natural Healing," a healthy diet should consist of unrefined cold pressed oils, such as olive oil used on a salad.

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Anne Sommers, LM is a Licensed Midwife in Southern California and founder of Agape Perinatal Consultation & Birthing Services. Anne has attended and personally delivered hundreds of beautiful bouncing babies in some very wonderful and natural settings -- like in the water! She has appeared on various Southern California radio and cable television shows, talked to birth organizations, was editor for several child birth publications and was the owner, editor and publisher of "Mom" Magazine, a quarterly publication in circulation for over seven years. She completed Seattle Midwifery School's Challenge Process and the NARM exam (supervised by the California Medical Board) qualifying her for midwifery licensure. Anne actually made history as noted in the Orange County Register for being one of Southern California's first Licensed Midwives. She is also the mother of two children, born at home, with the attendance of midwives.

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