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Newborn Skin


It is rare for newborns to have good skin. They may often exhibit certain skin conditions such as neonatal acne, dry skin with associated flaking, and other normal newborn rashes. Also common are birthmarks, which range from stork bites or angle kisses (those that cause flat pink areas on the back of the neck or on the forehead) to Mongolian spots, which typically resemble the bluish-purple discoloration evident with bruises.

Important Points to Remember

1. Infants have very sensitive skin - do not use any adult
bath, detergent or lotion product without consulting your
infant's doctor.

2. Babies do not need daily baths - It is important to keep
your infant clean, however daily baths will rob the natural
oils of your infant's skin leaving your baby with dry and
cracked skin. In general, baths every2-3 days should be

3. Sunscreens should not be used until your infant is at
least 6-9 months old. It is recommended that you use an
infant sunscreen that is hypoallergenic, PABA free and at
least 25-30 SPF.

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