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Sneezes Hiccups, and Reflexes



Newborns may sneeze, and this is typically attributed to the irritation of their nasal passages. The most common irritants, explains Dr. Iannelli, are smoke (and simply smoking outside is not enough), animal dander from pets in the house, dust mites, and mold. During the winter, if the heat is on in the
house, the dry air can contribute to nasal irritation and sneezing. If the sneezing becomes a problem, it can be treated with saline nasal drops and suctioning. A cool mist humidifier may also be beneficial.


Hiccups are not abnormal in newborns and infants. One measure to help reduce the likelihood of hiccups is to make sure your baby is burping well and is not swallowing a lot of air when he eats. While hiccups are usually not a problem and do not need treatment, you can ease the discomfort of them by
letting your baby breastfeed or drink a few ounces of formula.


Among the common newborn reflexes are the rooting reflex, which causes the baby to turn his head when his cheek is stroked; the sucking reflex, which evidences itself as newborns attempt to suck on whatever is put into their
mouths; and the grasp reflex of the fingers and toes. Your pediatrician will also assess the symmetric Moro (startle) reflex.

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So concerned 36 Mar 7, 2013 12:31:25 AM ET

Very helpful information especially about the frequent hunger and diapher changing... I thought I was going crazy!

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Guest Mar 1, 2013 10:38:37 AM ET

I have been reading out a few of your posts and i must say clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

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mamaof7 Nov 6, 2012 03:29:49 PM ET

Worry not. my baby sneezes and seems with my other children I heard that happens due to fluid still in lungs trying to get out, from the birth. we are non smokers in our home.

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Martha Jun 25, 2012 07:53:21 AM ET

Its my first baby he snezzes at intervals n fear this might be as a result of cold or flu

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Martha Jun 25, 2012 07:49:06 AM ET

Its My first baby he snezzes at intervals, I fear this might be as a result of cold or flu

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Andre Apr 11, 2012 03:15:31 AM ET

Just try to keep out dry air caused by ceiling fans etc, maybe strong scented cleaning products, and as far as the third hand smoke goes, just try to make sure they wash the hands and arms if they plan on holding the baby..may help some. But all in all your baby should be just fine. Taking a few steps at a time should allow you pin point what exactly is causing him/her to sneeze. Good luck and grats

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Jazmine Jan 22, 2012 07:15:51 PM ET

Its my frist baby and I really wanted to know, why dose my new bron snezzing so much. The house is always clean and I do have family that dose smko but they go out to smko and when they are done they come back in and it smell like smko alittle.

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