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rita Jul 6, 2013 10:33:50 AM ET

L am ten weeks now

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Rachel Jul 4, 2013 01:40:33 AM ET

I'm 11 weeks 5 days . no ms really i had a little night time nausea during the 7-8 weeks & nothing since . i currently have been feeling exhausted & constant daily headaches . i had my first ultrasound at 7.4 weeks & at my 10 week appointment we tried to listen to the heartbeat we couldn't hear it because of the other noises but the machine picked it up at 120bpm , normal ? btw this is my first child .

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Memory Jun 25, 2013 01:40:50 PM ET

I'm 11wks and 1day pregnant. very excited as this is my first. i just hate feeling neauseas, and the gas is frustating but all worth it knowing a lil angel is growing inside me. i was worried about the abdominal pains but after reading ur comments ladies, i feel better. i'm anticipating my 2nd scan which is next week... good luck 2 all of us :)

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Leigh ann Jun 22, 2013 07:34:55 AM ET

Is it to early to worry about the cord wrapping around my babies throat. i'm 11 week s pregnant

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Corina Jane Jun 20, 2013 09:10:44 AM ET

I'm 11w2d & can say that i could be better. i've been experiencing nausea & tiredness, i guess some days are better than others. but i just can't wait to go for my first scan ! hope you ladies are well :)

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Guest Jun 18, 2013 09:59:54 PM ET

Im 11 weeks and 4 days and ive just started vommiting a few weeks ago but its not an everyday thing is that normal or should i be worried?

cynthia Mar 19, 2014 02:06:52 PM ET

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different also. during my 1st pregnancy, i was sick a lot. almost the entire 1st trimester lol, but this pregnancy, i am 11 weeks and it just comes in spurts, and its all completely normal :) i hope this helps. congrats!

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Bec Jun 5, 2013 06:32:33 PM ET

I've used travel bands to help with my sickness, which generally lasted from the start to 8 weeks. im 10 weeks 3 days. the bands were fantastic for me, it's worth a try.

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lizabeth May 17, 2013 06:55:53 PM ET

I am 11 weeks and 5 days . i fell cramps did i say im 16 is it normal i throw up a lot since week 8 .. and i feel that all my energy is in my belly an no were else

Yvonne88 May 27, 2013 05:44:20 AM ET

Yes it is very normal. im 11 weeks 2 days today and this is my 3rd child. the reason for your lost energy is because all your energy is going all to the placenta, to make it strong enough for the baby to be in it in tell birth. congratulations. your energy should come back around the middle of the 2nd trimester.

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Antoinette forbes May 13, 2013 09:16:29 PM ET

I am 11weeks today just left the doc. i am scared of a miscarry. i have little cramps since i left the doc but not bad.the heart beat was150 should i b worried.cuz it was 160 last week.

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deidra Apr 30, 2013 01:06:54 AM ET

I'm 11 weeks with my second. although the first was a miscarriage at 10 weeks (baby had passed at 8) i'm totally clueless as to what pains i should be feeling and all that. i haven't had any ms at all just a lot of heartburn and gas. also a little lower abdominal pain just slight kind of cramps, normal? and some cramping after an orgasm as well. any advice would be great!

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