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janene Nov 13, 2010 06:35:20 AM ET

I am 11 weeks pregnant! i feel rubbish most of the time. i have an apathy that is just awful to live with. i feel sick and tired a lot and i have a lot of aches and pains. i am struggling to do my full time job and i don't do anything else. i am so happy to be expecting my first child and am pretty sure all this wont last much longer x

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Stacy Nov 2, 2010 04:39:12 AM ET

I found a cure for the nausea. mommy bliss. 4 pills a day (spread out) i have felt so much better. i'm still sleepy and lots of foods i love gross me out but no more nausea.

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siji Oct 28, 2010 12:54:32 PM ET

I am 11 week pregnent. still no changes too tired and vomiting continuesly.main issue can't drink any water/juice.praying for the best.

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Angel Oct 22, 2010 03:11:29 PM ET

I am 11 weeks today. i lost the 2 pounds that i had gained. i'm a bit worried. but i have an appointment to see my baby next friday. so i just have to hold out till then. my nauseousness doesn't seem to be going away yet though, so i'm sure everything is fine.

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Emily Sep 14, 2010 08:46:04 AM ET

Im 11 weeks pregnant today and i cant wait to give birth. i feel like april 2011 is so far but i guess i must just enjoy every week as it goes by.

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abree Aug 7, 2010 01:03:51 AM ET

Im 11 weeks , im just getting over the nausea , but hey im so lucky to be having this baby , past few days ive been very tired , & the sickness is going away , i think im getting more better everyday in pregnancy , i get weird cravings , & im already starting to show , im so happy that i dont feel sick no more , but im just starting to get tired & moody , im due febuary 24 , 2011 , i didnt tell anyone yet that i was pregnant , im still kinda scared to tell them .

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lei Jul 3, 2010 09:03:31 AM ET

I just dont feel upto doing anything right now but a mum of 3 i have to im just tired and dont feel like anyone cares but hey hoe hopefully this feeling/(s) will go soon im only 10 weeks

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ashley Feb 24, 2010 08:39:56 PM ET

Well just rememeber everyday as the ssickness comes how lucky we are to have these babies inside us, we were org having twins and lost one and our other child is growing normally. we have had a ton of ups and downs through pregnacy however once you get to hold the baby in your arms everything is worth it.. so my advise when you get so down about how you feel or your mood just remember how lucky we are to feel so crappy!lol

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Aliaa Jan 24, 2010 06:49:31 PM ET

I feel ok, just a little nauseous right after i eat, because the digestive system, as we all know, is much much slower than prepregnancy times. i am now anticipating seeing my baby for the very 1st time. i'm over the worries, and over feeling sad, or confused. i am much much happier now, thanks to the lord.

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Jolene Jan 18, 2010 08:38:08 PM ET

Hi! i'm 9 weeks pregnant! :) i was happy to see that i'm not the only one who feels more depressed then anything else. i too am extremely tired all of the time, not motivated, except to go to work. i have obligations so i perform when needed. i also have the worse case of mood swings. this is the hardest thing for me. i am always the smiling happy optimistic person, and for the past 3 weeks i have been a super b---h! i've opted to sleep alone so as to not run my husband off. he's been great bringing me breakfast and viatimins every morning. he checks on me with a smile on his face, some very short conversation, and an i love you. he's awesome! i have also explained to my friends that now is not the time for me to socialize. great plan but that too has made me feel even more depressed. good thing i work 6 days a week or i would never leave the house! this is my 6 pregnancy, and we are still waiting for our 1st child. i pray everyday to think first, and to block out what bothers me. i don't want to come across to the universe like i am ungrateful, but i feel like a terd. oh did i mention i'm nauseous from morning till night. i pray this gets better.

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