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Pregnancy Week 13 Comments & Discussion

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Tigger17 Feb 18, 2017 05:33:19 PM ET

I am 13weeks with our first baby. I am starting to definitely feel better. We are both very excited, I am alittle more nervous then him. He can't wait for all the fun times, me either but I know all the sleepless nights and colic to come. I can't wait until my bloated pudge turns to baby belly. Maybe then I can get more excited.

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Tonka & Ty Mama Nov 7, 2016 06:32:25 AM ET

I am 13 weeks. This is my 2nd child. I have swollen gums that just started once I made 13 weeks. I have hardly any vomiting but the key to having a spitty mouth is gum. I keep having headaches, my doctor says it comes with the territory. I just wonder will a dentist pull my teeth that keeps my gums swollen I don't know if it's from the pregnancy or if I'm having a toothache. Ugh. I can't wait for May to come.

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Erum Aug 11, 2016 02:52:03 PM ET

Hi, I am 13 weeks and 2 days today, with my second. I still feel very tired and lazy. My sickness has vanished today and for the first time in weeks I actually feel good. I just cant wait to give birth but, my due date is far away yet next year Feb the 14th. All the best to everyone.x

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Guest Jan 7, 2015 05:48:26 PM ET

Hi. How do I calculate weeks? I'm so confused. I got my last period on the 25th of Oct.

Danyelle Jan 16, 2015 02:14:46 PM ET

From the first day of your last period.

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Anon Dec 25, 2014 08:36:58 PM ET

Hi. I'm 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant, and unsure if I have morning sickness again. I had morning sickness mainly in the morning between weeks 9 and 11. The sickness subsided until yesterday, but I'm unsure whether it was due to symptoms from the flu shot I had on Monday. I've been feeling as if I can feel movement, but I've been very gassy as well. I'm unsure if I can feel my baby or not, as it's in multiple areas throughout my stomach and abdomen. I feel a constant light sensation in my stomach/abdomen. This is my first baby. Does anyone have any advice?

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jayevy6 Nov 23, 2014 01:48:17 PM ET

Hello I'm 13 weeks with my 6th child. My children are 15, 13, 9, 8 and 6. I haven't been very sick. I've been taking my prenatal vitamins. The issue I'm having a lot lately is the horrible metallic taste in my mouth that won't go away. It's so disgusting and sometimes it makes me feel like throwing up.

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tana Oct 15, 2014 06:00:24 PM ET

Hi. I'm 13 weeks pregnant, and I've been sick since day one. I have not had a good day yet, but this baby is #5, with 3 are living ages 8, 5, and 4. I've only felt my baby move three times, but I'm scared to keep going back to my doctor. What should I do?

Guest Jan 2, 2017 01:30:51 PM ET

I really don't think that you can feel the baby move at 13 weeks.

Michelle Jul 24, 2017 07:36:02 PM ET

If this isn't your first pregnancy, then yes, you can feel movement this early.

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Lola lowe Oct 2, 2014 06:50:24 PM ET

Hi. I'm Lola, and I am 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I'm experiencing vomiting. This is my 2 child. I have a boy of 7 years. Does anyone know when the vomiting will go away?

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Tierria Sep 22, 2014 12:49:43 PM ET

Hello. I am 13 weeks and two days! This is my 3rd baby, with only one alive (the other passed to SIDS) So I'm a little nervous. My girl was first, now I have a son. I'm hoping for a girl again! I wish you ladies the best of luck as well. Oh, and I'm passed my morning sickness, but I'm a mean machine!!!

afrance794 Aug 4, 2016 06:28:14 PM ET

Tierria, you had 2 babies pass away from sudden infant death syndrome? can we connect? i've also lost a child to sids.

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proud mother Sep 14, 2014 01:30:44 PM ET

Today I'm 13 weeks and 6 days. This is my second child. Every now and then I feel little movements, but I think it's gas because of the location. It's sometimes high in my belly, some times low. Is it OK not to feel your second baby move this early? I'm very nervous, and I don't want to go back to the doctor until I'm 16 weeks.

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