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lyndsey shorrock Sep 2, 2014 09:04:26 AM ET

Hi ladies. i'm 13 weeks, 6 days. i have 3 children, my youngest being 15. i have also had 6 miscarriages. i have gained a stone in weight already and not due to overeating. i can also feel baby moving, i have my first scan on thurs. i want to be excited but i'm to scared. i hope everything goes well for all you other ladies. x

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stacy Aug 20, 2014 10:30:34 PM ET

I'm 13 weeks and 2 days. i have a little morning sickness, and lots of spitting. now and then i can feel my baby moving. i have had two miscarriages and two live born, and i hope and pray everything will be ok for me and my baby. wishing all the moms to be good luck and gods blessing.

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nina May 20, 2014 12:54:35 PM ET

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and sometimes have bleeding. i also am having the morning sickness. anyone with same issue?

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anouska Nov 24, 2013 01:46:31 PM ET

I'm 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant today (2nd pregnancy). i was taken into hospital at 11 weeks 2 days with severe morning sickness which caused dehydration. i'm on tablets now to control it but surely by now i shouldn't still be needing them?

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Guest Jul 10, 2013 05:10:19 PM ET

Am 13 weeks and i am still spitting like hell, and sometimes vomitting. i hope it ends soon but asides from that am ssooo excited that i catch myself talking to my baby sometimes.

Berry Sweet Jul 23, 2013 01:00:25 AM ET

Sounds like you're having a little prince ♥

Tigger17 Feb 18, 2017 05:35:01 PM ET

Excessive salivation, me too... very ridiculous, have had since day one. however; my morning sickness has ended, unless food disagrees with me. 13weeks first baby.

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mommy2be Jun 18, 2013 06:13:16 PM ET

This is my first . i am now 13 weeks and 3 days i havent experienced any morning sickness i went a week ago and got a ultra sound and my baby doing good. i cant wait till i find out if my little one is a boy/girl . me and my husband is very excited and cant wait till our baby gets here in our arms. good luck mommies and congrats .

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Evelyn May 22, 2013 04:06:03 AM ET

Well hello there! i am 13 weeks pregnant, with my first child, and i am going crazy cause i already want to know what i'm having! and trying to pick names is difficult!! but so far everything is going good. i actually never experienced the "morning sickness" thing so thats awesome lol i just want to say congrats to all of you ladies(:

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Patty May 9, 2013 10:35:51 PM ET

Hi ladies, i am 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant after 3 miscarriages this is my second child, all is going good thank god, morning sickness are hardly appearing now i am just enjoying each day to the fullest...

rlm Mar 5, 2014 10:35:07 AM ET

After all the miscarriages, did you have a full term pregnancy and healthy baby? i'm 13 weeks, 3 days today and had 2 miscarriages. i'm kind of scared but excited too.

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Paula May 6, 2013 06:04:13 PM ET

Hi ladies, im 13 weeks and 3 days and i have had no bad experiences except for little discomfort pain from my uterus. i was told by 2 doctors i could not fall pregnant due to the fact that i had my colon removed in 1998 and a rectum reconstruction done in 2005... my one ovary was removed and apparently my eggs were not falling into the right places as all my insides were moved around in all the operations but here we are. almost 14 weeks pregnant! no nausea and hardly any heart burn. my energy levels are coming back but my word, i feel 80 years old. i used to run 5 km and now i cant even walk around the block without hyperventilating.

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Teresa Apr 23, 2013 03:32:26 PM ET

Hi mommies; i am 12 weeks pregnant and this is my second babymy first baby she was a still born full term this baby i hope everything goes good and no problem i wish all the mothers to be a blessing and safe pregnancy because its very hard for us to know if hour baby is ok and are we doing the right things to make sure we are so good luck .... mommies

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