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Stella Apr 17, 2013 07:44:43 PM ET

I'm 13+1 with my firetv(miscarried 2 previously) and am starting to feel better. i'm having more good days than bad days now. i do get killer heartburn every now and then though and that can make me pretty sick! we are not finding sex out but making it a suprise! good luck to all the other mummies!!

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brittany Apr 3, 2013 02:34:36 PM ET

I am 13 weeks and 3 days, i am finaly getting over the morning sickness thank god, i was so worried the first 3 months cuz i couldnt get in to see a doctor,i am still always worring because i never got to see the doctor i only got to meet my nures,and they called after the tests and said i have a urineary track infection and no meds can cure it unless i go get an iv, and i havent been able to talk to no doctor since they told me no one will call me back so i am just drinking lots of cranberry juice and lots of water,but i am very mood still at this point and am still breaking out really bad can anyone tell me what i should do to help the break outs cuz it makes me feel so ugly?

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Kelly Johnson Mar 20, 2013 04:06:53 PM ET

I'm 13wks with my first pregnacy.. i'm still felling tired but my nausea has subsided.. i've gotten most of my appetite back now with sum sugar cravings! i try to make vanilla protein fruit smoothies or eat greek yougurt with berries and granola to curb my cravings.. i'm looking forward to the 2nd trimester having more energy and a higher libido!

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amanda Mar 6, 2013 03:45:37 PM ET

I'm 13 w 4 day. and today i got all worked up over something amd now my stomach is cramping up and i'm a nervous wreck about baby. is she ok ? i keep javing this fear. please help.

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Desiree Feb 23, 2013 02:36:26 AM ET

Josie, i will be praying for u. sorry for your loss.

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Josie Feb 19, 2013 12:51:32 PM ET

Yesterday i went to the er i had major cramps in my upper area of my stomach they gave me an u/s and discovered a cyst in my right ovary that ruptured, and oh boy did it hurt and not only that but they said i had a fibroid i had cyst before that's how i knew i was pregnant cause it ruptured and that pain huurrtts!! but i'm unsure about this fibroid any one has a insight to this?

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Josie Feb 19, 2013 12:44:57 PM ET

Try not to worry and enjoy growing that baby of yours cause from what i'm reading your right on track..congrats!

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Morgan Feb 18, 2013 05:35:10 PM ET

I'm am currently 13w3d. i heard the heartbeat at 7w and then again at 10w6d. both times the heartbeat was good and strong. my doctor told me at my last appt that my nueasa should be subsiding in a few weeks. and to me the last few weeks it has seemed to got worse. and anything i eat or smell i either get nueasious or i get sick. and the actually getting sick part don't happen every time just every now and then. i still feel tired all the time and the back pain on and off. headaches here and there. this is my first pregnancy and i'm so worried. i have no bleeding no cramps nothing that would throw up a red flag. everything seems normal but i still worry.

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josie Feb 18, 2013 12:48:05 PM ET

I'm 13 w-1d this is my 6th pregnancy miscarried twice my 1st and this last one was a twin miscarried on 1-1-13 at 6 weeks and currently holding the other baby so far so good , this pregnancy is far more tiring and very nauseous i am still throwing up but i am grateful to be up and about i am due aug 25 2013 and i'm 36. tell yourself it' s all worth it cause when you give birth it' s done this is a part of growing your baby!

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Valerie Feb 15, 2013 07:09:59 AM ET

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with twins i am feeling nausea daily. i can only thank the lord for the miracle! keep it up mommies!

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