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Gaelle Apr 12, 2010 02:46:04 PM ET

I am 13 weeks pregnant, I have energy but still feel very sick, alot of nausea and trowing up... I thought it was going to stop around 12weeks.. so I can't wait to be over..

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Shay Mar 19, 2010 04:02:59 AM ET

Im 13 weeks and im so excited! my bf and i are in love which makes everything so much better. im 22 yrs. old and this is my first pregnancy and its an amazing experience!

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brandy Mar 9, 2010 09:49:47 PM ET

I still feel EXTREMELY tired, and find it absolutely neccesary to take a nap everyday at 2:30/3 oclock. Are ya'll sure this will subside soon?

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LaDonna Mar 7, 2010 10:33:11 PM ET

I am 13 weeks today and for the first time since week 6 I have a little energy and the nausea is subsiding a little. This is my first baby and I am so excited everyday!! I can not wait to feel him/her move inside me! Good luck to you all!

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Samantha Feb 23, 2010 04:50:05 PM ET

I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Most days I feel like a million bucks and then there are some where I am not so fortunate. Sex is not as great as it used to be either. I feel like I cant move the way I used to. But, i love being pregnant and I cant wait to find out what im having. : )

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april s Feb 19, 2010 07:30:07 PM ET

Im 13 weeks and is loving it except da nasea, foods that i use tp love doesnt love me anyymore. this is my first baby and im super happy.

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Cori Dec 19, 2009 08:41:43 PM ET

I'm 13 weeks and 2 days and I feel constantly bloated and crampy... Cant wait for my baby bump... now i'm just seeing a flub due to the bloating.. :)I feel my uterus expanding it its getting quit annoying now haha this is my first baby so i'm extremely excited.. :)

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stacy smith Dec 5, 2009 08:20:10 PM ET

I am 13 weeks pregant to day i am 20yrs old and this is my seciond child even thow my partener is raelly good to me i alrady feel really unitractive and fat ?? does any one else feel like dis?

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charlene Jul 26, 2009 01:49:43 PM ET

I am over the moon with expecting a baby cant partner does not show me no attenchion what so ever at the mo though does anyone else have that promblem?

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jacquelyne mccauley Feb 23, 2007 03:26:24 PM ET

Well this is my 1st child an i have no clue what to expect. But the funny thing is that im the oldest of i`ve watched my mom go threw all this an i still dont know.....LOL but i think that child birth is a very special ladys it will all be over soon. good luck to u all

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