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Pregnancy Week 16 Comments & Discussion

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Nur Jan 8, 2018 08:08:37 PM ET

I'm 16+4 weeks today. the first visible movement i felt was since 13 weeks and now the baby's so active i can feel every movement. this is my second pregnancy and it's so much different to first. first one i barely felt anything, with this one i have all symptoms. just now it has eased but, i have a lot of migraines and lower pains. i also feel the baby's very low. hope it's normal.

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Tammy Dec 7, 2017 07:14:14 PM ET

I feel sleepy all the time and i am sick. i don't keep food down very well. i wake up at night and then i just want to go back to sleep.

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Abigail Dec 2, 2017 09:26:34 PM ET

I'm 16wks, 3days. can't sleep at night. during the day i have lower abdominal pain, and back aches. hope it's normal. and the baby is far too active than i expected, i'm excited though.

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Stef DeKranes Nov 28, 2017 05:56:39 AM ET

This is my last baby. my 5th boy! usually i feel good but, this time i'm dizzy, headaches, pelvic pain (spd) sciatica, can't get comfy to sleep, and acne. i'm still tired, so no energy yet. but that also might be from working 3rd shift, full time. i wish i were feeling better!

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Mercy Oct 18, 2017 03:32:14 AM ET

I am 16weeks and some days but early morning for ng headache is to much and lower abdominal pain then once in awhile backache.bit my biggest worry is about the epith cells +5-10 pus cells. what could this be meaning?

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Salomey Oct 14, 2017 06:51:44 AM ET

i'm also 16 weeks 5 days and have been feeling a lot of pain in my lower abdomen. its giving me sleepless nights. but i can feel my baby move. thank god for this new life.

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Carina Sep 14, 2017 06:39:30 PM ET

I'm 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant. sometimes i feel pain on my left side of my stomach but, this pregnancy is very different from my two other boys. i get a lot of headaches and feel lightheaded.

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Nancy Aug 25, 2017 08:19:40 AM ET

I am 16 weeks and 3days today. no movements yet. my tummy too much stretched. pains on my left side on my tummy some days at night. i am worried since we r advised to sleep on our left side. please help. my tummy is stretch, makes me think of twins.

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Carla Jul 26, 2017 10:46:22 AM ET

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today. i haven't felt movement yet but, i'm pretty sure the baby is just fine. i also have pain in my lower abdomen. the doctor said it's completely normal. since i've been pregnant i haven't gained any weight but my stomach continues to grow. how is that?

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Tasha Jul 6, 2017 03:43:10 AM ET

I am 16wks and a day today, i am so excited, can't wait to know the sex of my baby, i am grateful to god for this 21years.

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