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Pregnancy Week 16 Comments & Discussion | Page 11

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Lilmonster33 Jun 26, 2012 03:38:44 AM ET

I'm 16 wks 2 days..i've felt my baby move for 3 days now! so excited!! it feels like popcorn popping but very soft:)..its cute..can't wait to find out the gender next week:)

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wunmi Jun 7, 2012 07:54:08 AM ET

Am 16 weeks and i starting feeling the butterfly movement its exciting,i can't wait to feel the real kicks...

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Lina May 26, 2012 02:01:58 AM ET

Iam 16 weeks 4 days this is my second baby and i'm excited i have a lil girl and am having a lil boy.... i fell great no morning sickness i don't really fell antly symptoms which is good i was real sick with my first i'm hoping for a natural birth this time and no preeclampsia i hope all goes well c:

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greta Apr 27, 2012 03:27:02 AM ET

Hi,i am going on week 16 so exited cant wait to feel the baby kicking:)

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Ruth Apr 23, 2012 11:03:57 PM ET

I'm 16 weeks and this is my 4th pregnancy. i have 2 boys and miscarried in sept. not feeling any movement yet, but heard the heartbeat a couple weeks ago.

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nishah Apr 20, 2012 01:34:44 AM ET

Am 16 weeks cant wait to feel the kicks.

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Rebecca Apr 19, 2012 08:49:47 AM ET

I am 16 weeks and 4 days today. i have had a pretty easy time so far! no morning sickness, no other nasties just incredibly tired but even this has eased up now! i think i felt some flutterings the other day, but not had any since so not sure! i will find out the sex in may. can't wait! boy or a girl, not bothered, as long as its healthy!

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Cassy Apr 16, 2012 01:09:48 AM ET

First pregnancy and i'm 16 weeks 4 days. a week or so ago i felt fluttering but the last few days i've actually been feeling more then just fluttering. i had theeee worst morning sickness up until about 13 weeks and now just dealing with tired and weight gain. i love pregnancy and in maybe 5 years will go through it again! hoping for a girl, but either is fine :)

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brandi Feb 14, 2012 03:17:13 PM ET

Im 16 weeks i found out i was pregnate on december 9! i been tryin for 2 years and it finally happened! this is my first baby so i have alot of concerns and questions... i find out what im havin on march 14!!!! soo excited but im hoping for a baby boy but if its a girl im still extremely happy

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AniB Dec 16, 2011 04:17:57 PM ET

This is my 3rd baby and i found out it is a girl after 2 boys! i am still feeling a little green, which is interesting because when i was pregnant with my boys, i felt great around this time. just waiting for my energy to return to normal...still so tired and sleepy.

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