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Pregnancy Week 16 Comments & Discussion | Page 14

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Heather Jun 6, 2010 12:04:59 PM ET

I am sixteen weeks, one day with baby number four. i have not felt movement yet that i know of and i am getting kind of stressed out because of it

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Sara Jun 1, 2010 04:00:23 PM ET

I have felt baby move since week 11! i love it. i have been busy the last few days and havent really felt much movement, but usually if i lay down on the couch after eating i will feel baby move! my hubby cant wait to see what this baby is! we have 3 boys and 1 girl, so we have a bit of each as far as clothes go!

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claudia Jun 1, 2010 03:37:39 AM ET

I'm 16 weeks today. my all day sickness is less, my headaches are less also. this is my 2nd child. i have a 3 yr old son. i'm excited to know what i'm having. due: november 16, 2010.

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marquita May 3, 2010 03:45:58 PM ET

I am 16 weeks and i can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl?

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loulou May 3, 2010 12:02:11 PM ET

Am expecting number 8 child, have 7 sons already and quite hoping for an 8th. (i know people think that sounds mad!) have just started feeling little tiny tickles (16 weeks) but not every day. starting to feel excited now!

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Sarah Apr 26, 2010 04:14:29 PM ET

I am two days into my 16th week with my third child. i have a ten and eight year old girls. i haven't felt the baby move yet, but i am able to feel just where the baby is inside! this is so exciting!

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Annie Apr 15, 2010 08:41:17 PM ET

I am just entering my 16th week. im still getting sick alot but i have felt the little one moving around! its very exciting, and i cant wait to find out what im having!!

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Jessica Apr 10, 2010 05:12:07 PM ET

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow. i think i've felt the baby a few times but i'm not sure. it feels like little bubbles. maybe it's gas or digestion. i can't wait to know for sure.

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Fay Apr 7, 2010 10:00:10 AM ET

I am 16 weeks today, and i feel good better than before. my baby is already moving since week 12 and i feel it more this week. can't wait to find out what the gender is. i am already showing and have a feeling it is a boy. this is my second, i have a 3 year old daughter. i don't care about the gender as long as it is healthy but i would love to know. good luck to all of you...

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Christina Acee Apr 1, 2010 09:29:49 AM ET

I'm 16 weeks today with my first child and i have to admit i feel amazing! i actually feel better now then pre-pregnancy. no fetal movement yet and not really "looking" pregnant but i sure do feel pregnant. how very exciting!

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