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Pregnancy Week 16 Comments & Discussion | Page 9

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leyla Feb 12, 2013 12:24:40 PM ET

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and its very difficult :'(

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Amber Feb 11, 2013 01:46:46 PM ET

Hey everyone!! i am almost 16 weeks now with my twins! i have 2 kids already but this is my soon to be husbands first kid ( well kids)! i am going tommorow to see if they can tell me the sex of our lil bundles of joy!! i wish all of you soon to be moms luck with your pregnacy and i hope and pray that your babies are born healthy! god bless!!

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ANNIE Feb 7, 2013 09:27:36 PM ET

Hey all yuo mommmy's to be, i'am 16 weeks and this is my 4th child. i have two boys and my girl, we all praying for a girl for my daughter to play with.. going for my sonogram on march, im so exicted and happy too.. good luch and god bless each one of you guys annie

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Guest Jan 29, 2013 02:45:25 PM ET

I'm first baby and am so excited....can't wait to know the gender

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maria Jan 11, 2013 03:22:26 AM ET

Hey im 16 weeks tomorrow and im exited to be having my second child by good grace of god.

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Loren Dec 6, 2012 09:13:15 AM ET

I'm 16 weeks today! so excited, started to feel the flutters they kinda went away! scared me but all is well getting a nice big belly an never been so happy to gain weight! next appointment is coming up in a week then we set date to find out what are little peanut is!:)

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meagan Nov 19, 2012 03:14:33 PM ET

I am 16 weeks and 2 days and i feel little flutters im excited to find out the sex and this is my third baby but i love it, i have two boys one five and one is 19 months old they are a blessing....

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Loretta Nov 13, 2012 08:43:47 PM ET

This is my third. im 16 weeks and my other 2 are 11 and 13. i am so excited and happy. i am nervous about not having insurance. i need to find a dr. that takes cash on a visit by visit. we should have company insurance by the time the baby comes. but it is a big worry.

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Aoyervides Nov 2, 2012 10:49:15 AM ET

I am 6 weeks and 5 days , this is my husband and i first! and we are super excited we have decided to not find out the sex of our baby, we figure this is the one surprise no one can ruin including each other.!

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sheree Oct 24, 2012 11:03:17 AM ET

Im 16 weeks and 1 day i have a beautiful little girl who is 18 months so would like a little boy to complete our little family. love feeling little flutters here and there :)

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