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Tiffany Jan 12, 2010 04:25:57 PM ET

I am 17 weeks along. in my second pregnancy. my first child will be two years old this friday! feeling pretty good this week but also a lot more pregnant! feeling the baby move a little now :) will find out the sex of the baby feb. 5th! can't wait!

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Krissy Jan 12, 2010 01:20:52 PM ET

I am 17 weeks 1 day today! i feel so great!! i actually love being pregnant!!

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Cheryl s Dec 30, 2009 08:39:38 PM ET

I'm nearly 18weeks pregnant. this is my 4th pregnancy. but the other 3ended in miscarrage. i feel little movements feels so weird. so tired all the time all i wanna do is sleep. cant wait till its all over! pregnancy sucks!

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Marta Dec 27, 2009 05:50:01 PM ET

This is my second pregnancy and completely different than my first. i'm now 17 weeks along and still worried about miscarriage due to earlier complications. can't wait to feel my baby move...

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Donna Dec 22, 2009 02:39:32 PM ET

I'm reassured that not everyone has felt baby movement at 17 weeks. i'm exactly where i should be weight-wise and feeling good. sometimes i feel tired and headachy. i've got a cute, round belly now. being short, i always show fast.

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Jessica Dec 21, 2009 04:46:21 AM ET

I'm 17 weeks and feeling great, have not gained much wieght and am not showing too much yet. still have not felt baby move but cannot wait to :)

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shaz Dec 14, 2009 11:45:38 PM ET

I am 17 weeks i am still sick.. somedays i am fine. i haven't had a any movement i hope this week i will.

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Marie, Donegal Dec 14, 2009 02:52:15 PM ET

16 weeks and 3 days today. feeling on top of the world ;)

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jessica Dec 13, 2009 09:31:32 PM ET

Im 17 weeks and im a big girl i dont see change and i dont feel kicking i have not been to the dr since i found out i was pregnant cuz i cant afford it im scared this is my second pregnancy the first one died i dont know if this one is even alive

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PATRICIA M Nov 12, 2009 02:38:35 AM ET

I'm 17 weeks. 3rd pregnancy. but this will b my 1st. miscarried other times. just had a cervical cerclage put in so i'm nervous. praying 2 god that this one make it through.

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