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Pregnancy Week 18 Comments & Discussion

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Christie Jun 26, 2017 01:48:40 PM ET

18 weeks and two days. this is child number 3 and i am 41. completely starting over. haven't been pregnant in 16 years lol so this feels like the first. i've gained like 15lbs. not good? :/ i wasn't over weight when i started. should i be worried?

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Santanna Feb 15, 2017 09:59:06 PM ET

I'm 23 and i'm 18 weeks and 3 days and i'm going on my 3rd pregnancy i have two boys already and in two more weeks i find out what i'm having. hope it's a boy but very excited.

Melissa Sep 6, 2017 02:06:55 AM ET

I'm 24 and i'm prego with my 3rd child and i find out tuesday what i'm having. i got 2 boys right now. i'm hoping for my girl!

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Jules Feb 13, 2017 01:40:03 PM ET

I'm 18weeks and i'm feeling so uneasy at times with major headaches that last all day and lil back pain... what can i do to help with the headaches?

Mae Nov 6, 2017 02:00:40 PM ET

Try supplementing with magnesium. it helps relax tight muscles that contribute to headaches. it has helped me and others i know.

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Howardbae Nov 26, 2016 10:36:24 AM ET

I'm a little nervous, really don't know y but, also excited. at 18 weeks yesterday & 33 yrs.old.this is my 4th baby. we are wishing 4 either, as long as it's healthy. but with 2 girls and my one boy, almost 18, it would b nice 2 have another son. did have a few complications at the beginning like hemorrhaging at first on and off ,but i find out on dec 9th if boy or girl and now so far so good.....nervous mom

Melissa Sep 6, 2017 02:09:59 AM ET

You should not be waiting until dec to find out the sex. you should find out at 20weeks. i am 18 weeks and i find out tuesday what i'm having. but you waiting until dec is not right.

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Guest Oct 26, 2016 10:48:56 AM ET

I'm 24, 18 weeks pregnant and literally have to sit down after doing little things such as showering and getting dressed. i'm so exhausted all of the time, and the headaches don't help. i'm still waiting for the 2nd trimester bliss to kick in. fingers crossed.

Sami Nov 9, 2017 11:04:38 AM ET

Same. i'm 18 + 4 and i'm drained. i've still got morning sickness and taking prescribed medication to ease the queasy feelings but, the smallest of things i do, i have to take a break or even a nap. i never seam to get enough sleep. this is my second pregnancy after 8 years, feels like my first. i had no pregnancy symptoms with my son. i find out the sex in 2 weeks.

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Rochelle Jul 23, 2015 09:19:04 AM ET

I'm 30 and 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first child, and very excited. i find out in 2 weeks what i'm having!

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Elaine Feb 3, 2015 10:41:54 AM ET

I'm 32, 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my 3rd baby. i find out in 2 weeks weather it's a boy. we are blessed with one of each already!

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TaWana Jan 19, 2015 09:24:17 AM ET

I'm 37, and i am 18 weeks today! i am excited, but i'm worried that i haven't felt my baby move yet. this is my second child. with my first, i felt it early, but that was eleven years ago! i'm starting over and i'm nervous, but excited at the same time.

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Erin Sep 18, 2014 11:59:02 AM ET

I am 29, and 18 weeks 4 days into my 4th pregnancy. my husband and i found out yesterday that we are having our 3rd boy! i have only gained 5 pounds, but tons of inches. i was worried, but doctor says that everything looks ok, so all is well. very excited!

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Shannon Jun 8, 2014 11:44:38 AM ET

I'm 18 weeks 4 days. i have a lower backache, sciatic nerve ache, and my hands fall asleep while i'm sleeping. this is baby #3. i started out at 214 lbs, dropped to 206 and am now at 210 lbs. this pendant has been so different from my girls. i'm hoping for a boy.

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