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sarah Dec 28, 2011 07:09:10 AM ET

Im 20 weeks w/boy...its my first baby..m reallly excited...i have no idea how to express my feelings and anxiously waiting for my d-day...:)))..i feel some fluttering movements..hope its its frst so cant really comprehend....all the best to u moms..hope we all get through this with health of our lil one and us....ameen!!

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Romeo Dec 22, 2011 01:13:40 AM ET

I am 20th week now i feel great and this my third pregnancy but the only worrie is that am not feeling any movement what might be the problem am worried.

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Heather Dec 17, 2011 05:19:19 PM ET

This is my second pregnancy.i am 20 weeks. i have a son who is three and i am very excited to be expecting a girl this time, but this pregnancy was been much worse than my first. i stay tired all the time, stay sick all the time and have had headaches almost every day. i really only feel her move alot when i lay down at night. my doc tells me it is normal and i will feel her more at some point. i guess all pregnancy's are different.

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penny, williams Aug 4, 2011 01:15:52 PM ET

I am 20 wks pregnant having a boy,i was sick my whole 1st trimester. i feel so much better now the baby moves 24/7 and i barely get to sleep because he loves to kick around at night.

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christina May 13, 2011 08:32:35 PM ET

I am 20 weeks with my second baby... i am really tired and sick.. nothing like first.. both are girls.. gods work is the best... life!!

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Tracy Apr 6, 2011 12:38:25 PM ET

I am 20 weeks and am having twins, aboy and a girl this is my second pregnancy i just had a doctors visit and my cervix is already thinning, so i'm a bit worried. i had no problems with my first pregnancy but that was 11 1/2 yrs ago. so i got to start shopping, but don't know what sizes to get if they are coming early.

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Claudia Mar 1, 2011 07:21:32 PM ET

I am 20 wks and i have felt movements from about 17 wks but more frequently now. its my first pregnancy and i feel wonderful and can't wait to meet my baby girl. i am cherishing every moment and i must say that i didnot experience any vomiting in the first trimester only felt a little nauseous.

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Kelly Feb 25, 2011 02:00:20 PM ET

I am 20 weeks pregant, i am having a girl and i still cant feel the baby move . i am starting to get worried the docter says she is fine but i would still love to feel her.

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Fay Dec 16, 2010 01:56:52 PM ET

I am 20 weeks w/girl. this is my first pregnancy and i am really worried about my weight gain i've gained 16 pounds after weighing 134 and i feel really fat. she moves 24/7 especially at night when i'm trying to sleep , so i sleep during the day = )

Kim Jan 30, 2013 04:37:00 PM ET

Don't feel bad. i gained 20 and am at 20 weeks. in the first trimester i went from exercising everyday to no exercise and constant diet of crackers to soothe nausea. i haven't felt the baby move yet and hope to soon.

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Kalea Dec 6, 2010 11:02:52 PM ET

I'm 20 weeks, having a boy :) i feel him move everyday especially as soon as i lay down, his schedule is definantly opposite of mine! i pee 24/7 and can't stop cleaning, i feel really good!

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