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Pregnancy Week 22 Comments & Discussion

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selen Nov 14, 2014 01:04:16 PM ET

I am 22 weeks now. the placenta is anterior, and bmp is 158. is it a boy or girl?

Guest Dec 6, 2014 10:50:35 AM ET

My baby's heart rate 2 weeks ago was 156 bpm, and its a girl :) i'm now 22.5 weeks.

Melissa Oct 11, 2016 04:03:07 PM ET

Our baby is a little boy and his heart rate is also 156bpm.

Heather Mar 14, 2017 11:34:52 AM ET

My lil one's heartbeat has been consistently 150-153. she's a girl!

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jay May 26, 2014 01:16:16 PM ET

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and we are thrilled for this pregnancy, but i am gaining weight and have swelling on my face. i hope its normal.

Elizabeth May 28, 2014 06:40:42 AM ET

Hi jay. if you have gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time, and have unexplained sudden swelling, it would be wise to give your ob a call and see what he/she says.

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astridgalindo5 Dec 3, 2013 01:17:58 AM ET

Hey you guys how do i change the number of babies i'm expecting, i found out today i was having twins again and is a girl and a boy and also i've been diagnose with gestational diabetes again.

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Rosa Jun 15, 2013 12:36:42 PM ET

Im currently 22 weeks and 2 days!! this is going to be my first child!! we are excited to be parents for the first time. my pregnancy has been going great no more morning sickness!!! :). waiting for monday to get here, that's when we will know what we will be having!! super ready to know if its a boy or girl and meet our lil one :)

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AshleyBachman Jun 10, 2013 11:37:50 AM ET

I am 22 weeks pregnant with our son, and first child! my husband and i are thrilled. my husband is deployed over seas currently, until our son is born. so this pregnancy has been tough! i have only gained about 7 pounds so far, but everything is perfectly healthy. and i'm barley showing at all! i won't complain lol. i feel my son moving around alot!

ramya Jul 8, 2013 01:24:51 PM ET

Hi ashley, i am 24 weeks 3 days pregnant and i have only gained 8 pounds till now.i am feeling my baby kicking every day.hope the weight gain is normal and not underweight...

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mohona May 10, 2013 08:28:32 AM ET

I am 22 week 4 day pregnency .i am not sure girl/boy.:/

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Alyssa Apr 28, 2013 04:41:20 PM ET

Hi i'm 22 weeks tomorrow were having a boy! i'm excited to finally have a son!! he moves around all the time you can see my stomach move its awesome to watch. i have gained 20lbs already mostly all baby and boobs!! no weight gain anywhere else. i'm feeling pretty good for the most part.

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Barbie Apr 19, 2013 11:59:40 AM ET

I am 22 weeks 1 day and i feel ok for the most part ... i still get sick in the morning and after every meal but i'm one of the lucky ones i guess lol... i started out at 5'11" and 163 lbs and i am now 187lbs but u can't really tell anywhere but the belly and boobies.... i'm expecting a lil boy no name yet... i have felt him since 16 weeks 6 days and he is still active mostly when i'm not... i can't wait to meet my lil man he's my first ....

shely Jul 22, 2013 04:49:27 PM ET

You will be able to tell once you have the baby its more than belly and boobs, slow down! too much weiht gai! m speaking m experience, i gained 54 pounds with myfirst child and it took 4 years to get the weight off

anon Sep 7, 2013 04:15:51 PM ET

That is a messed up comment. people cannot always control how much they gain when during pregnancy. you can eat right, moderately, and exercise daily and still gain more than the recommended. and not everyone who gained more ha trouble losing it either. don't make someone feel bad about their weight gain.

Emma Dec 10, 2017 11:09:52 PM ET

I agree, i'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and i am yet to gain any weight. i'm a bigger girl to begin with. my midwife is not the slightest bit concerned, as my baby girl is doing everything she's meant to, for how far along i am. every pregnancy is different .

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heather Apr 13, 2013 11:34:01 AM ET

22 weeks 4 days. :) love feeling my little man move around! so, when. i became pregnant i was 113 lbs. i am nearing 150 :/ i'm not eating all crazy like and i don't eat much junk food. not sure why i am gaining so much. its all belly mostly with mild weight gain in my legs

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baby#3;) Feb 20, 2013 04:32:30 PM ET

22w n 5d feeling ok due to a cold:( gained 6 1/2 pounds but its all belly:) a bit emotional but so excited to meet my 3rd baby boy in mid june! congrats to all mommys!

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