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Pregnancy Week 24


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Fetal Development Images - Pregnancy  24
Week 24 fetal development image showing the fetal growth of your baby to date. Medical Illustration Copyright © 2008 Nucleus Medical Art, All rights reserved

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Your Baby's Development This Week

The baby is now between 12 and 12 1/2" long and around 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds, and gaining approximately 6 ounces a week. The brain continues in its rapid growth mode and the lungs are maturing. The special cells which produce surfactant are developing. Surfactant is what helps the air sacs inflate, and preemies who struggle with breathing are usually having difficulties because the special cells have not fully developed prior to delivery. The taste buds are getting more sensitive, and baby may even react to a particularly strong taste in Mommy's food. The sweat glands are developing now, as well. The hands are getting more coordinated, as evidenced in more precise thumb-sucking skills. The big news of the week however is that the baby is now officially viable!

Pregnancy Symptoms You May Feel During Week 24

Itchy, itchy, itchy. This point in pregnancy there are often some annoying symptoms popping up. The skin on breasts and belly is really stretching and with that frequently comes an intense itchy sensation. Your palms and soles of your feet may also be red and itchy, due to your pregnancy hormones. Other seemingly random annoyances include a metallic taste in your mouth, and increased saliva. Also, you might be experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This won't be caused by the typical repetitive movements of office work, but rather by the pregnancy swelling putting pressure on nerves. This will produce tingling and numbness in your fingers and wrists. You may also be experiencing dryness and sensitivity with your eyes now. Heartburn, which may have plagued you earlier in your pregnancy, might well be back now with a vengeance. Avoid lying down immediately after eating, and eat regular small meals.

Visit With the Obstetrician

Probably in the next few weeks you'll be scheduled for your glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes. This test is typically done between the 24th and 28th weeks. You will be told to eat and drink normally prior to the test. You'll come into the office and be given a syrupy sweet solution to drink. An hour later a blood sample will be taken to check the blood sugar levels. You'll typically wait at the office for results. A result of 130 - 140 milligrams per deciliter may indicate a high blood sugar level and will require more testing. False positives are fairly common, so even if the test indicates a possibility of gestational diabetes, don't panic just yet. The follow up test is the glucose tolerance test and will yield the needed reliable results. Gestational diabetes is serious, but rather common, and manageable.

Preparing for Baby

This week baby is officially viable, so it's definitely time to get those hospital bags packed! By now you might have started birthing classes or visited the hospital and done a tour. Find out what items they recommend you bring, and which ones they will not allow. Think of the things you will find comfort in-both emotional and physical but be practical at the same time. You won't be bringing in a set of luggage, just a simple bag. Talk to other mothers who have recently given birth to find out what items they couldn't have lived without and which ones they forgot.

Pregnancy Lifestyle

One of those unpleasant side effects of pregnancy hormones is the embarrassing fuzzy brain. Your thinking won't always be at its sharpest during pregnancy, especially as you get into your second trimester. Don't worry about it, it won't be permanent, although honestly it may feel that way for awhile as you adjust to sleep deprivation with a newborn. The best way to deal with this symptom, is with some planning and a good sense of humor. Make lists for things you typically never needed to before. Don't count on remembering that little list of five items at the grocery, write it down. Keep a little pad in your purse to keep other reminders for yourself. Don't get frustrated that you keep walking into a room to get something that you now can't remember. Find a way to laugh it off. It's just hormones, you will not be an airhead permanently.

Ouch! The One Pregnancy Symptom You Must Know About

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Guest Nov 26, 2014 08:20:37 AM ET

Hi. i'm 23 weeks pregnant. i eat too much, but i always pray for my baby.

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trish Oct 6, 2014 08:34:17 AM ET

Hi. it's my first pregnancy, and i am 23-24 weeks now. when is my expected date of delivery?

Enigma87 Nov 22, 2014 08:01:27 PM ET

You are probably due in mid to late march, but the date is determined by your last missed period, or if you know it, the date you conceived.

Guest Nov 26, 2014 02:04:24 AM ET

Late february, or early march.

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Guest Oct 6, 2014 08:31:32 AM ET

I am 24 weeks pregnant now. when is my due date?

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sam Jun 5, 2014 09:54:49 AM ET

Hi. i'm 24 weeks pregnant and this is my second child. please tell me about the placenta's location. i think i'm pregnant with a baby boy but my relatives said to me i will have a girl. do you have any idea???

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Guest Nov 22, 2013 10:43:00 AM ET

I'm 28 and 24 weeks and 3 days. this is my 5th pregnancy, but i have no living child. i've had 3 miscarriages before 12 weeks, and one at 28 weeks. i have had problems connecting with this baby. i'm not sure if it's due to my past or what. i just pray that i make it though this, and that the baby is going to be happy and healthy.

Guest Aug 13, 2014 11:08:37 PM ET

I pray for you and the health of your baby and that what ever choice god has made for your life that you will be full of joy and happiness in jesus name amen

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Guest Aug 17, 2013 12:10:59 AM ET

Hi im 24 weeks and 3 days and only when i take a deep breath i get a little noticeable pain down the right side any ideas? x

Nikki Sep 2, 2013 10:52:28 PM ET

Round ligament pain. it's just you uterus growing. i'm almost 24 weeks and get this a lot. sometimes it really hurts. you should probably still bring it up to your doctor at your next visit or call if it gets really bad. good luck:)

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Amanda Jun 6, 2013 09:32:19 PM ET

I am 24 weeks frist baby i am having a boy adien. everything i eat seems to want to come up tasting just like stomach acid even with the foods that i eat that has no acids in them at all.anyone know why this is

Betty Jun 13, 2013 06:23:51 PM ET

Amanda, congra on the blue team:) am 24 weeks and 4 days with baby boy. you are experiencing acids reflux which is quiet normal during pregnancy, try to drink lots of water and avoid spicy and hot foods but if it get worse then get govascon and ask advice from your pharmacist. good luck hun.

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trisch May 26, 2013 12:25:14 AM ET

Am 35 and 24 weeks...membranes ruptured at 23 weeks...fluids replenished after 6 days in hospital. i am terrified to move. i'm at home on bed rest. i'm not sure if i'm still leaking or if its just me being super paranoid...going for another ultra sound next week...

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alexus J May 7, 2013 02:08:12 PM ET

Im 18 years old and 24 weeks pregant and im feeling pretty good....this is my first baby and im having a baby boy his name is zeion demarus im so excited to meet my little one...

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Brittany Apr 30, 2013 11:30:28 AM ET

Im 22 and 24 weeks pregnant with my second child. im having another boy :) the only thing im concerned about is my weight gain. i am currently 4lbs over my target weight gain. with my first born i gained 85lbs and by this time with him i was 20lbs over my target weight gain. i know that last time it was due to medications i was taking but this time im hungry all the time to the point where my stomach grummbles and im not takig any medications! i eat all the time and my husband said that he likes when im pregnant because i eat as mch as he does! but i guess 4lbs is better then 20lbs over my target weight gain :)like most mommys im probably overreacting lol

shannon Aug 4, 2013 03:47:31 PM ET

Hey brittany i'm going through the same thing i've gained over 30lbs already. my first pregnancy i gained 80lbs

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