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Pregnancy Week 24 Comments & Discussion

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shru Nov 5, 2016 12:17:24 AM ET

I love my baby ! i'm very happy!!

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Irene2015 Mar 4, 2015 04:14:52 PM ET

Hello. i am 24 weeks today, and i've being feeling super tired, and having a lot of problem breathing since i have asthma. i am scared because i am scared to have a asthma attack. do you all think they'll induce me if i keep on having this problem?

Aubry Dec 30, 2016 01:25:15 AM ET

Just make sure to drink lots of water and to have your breathing treatments handy . i too have asthma and it is hard to breathe but those breathing treatments do help.

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Samantha Jan 23, 2015 08:09:28 AM ET

If my conception date was august 8th, then what day did the sperm reach the eggs??

Guest Sep 20, 2018 08:19:24 AM ET

It could have been any time that week you can have sperm travel for 6 days before it reaches the egg. hope this helps the conception dates are not the exact time or day you got pregnant.

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Nathifa Jan 13, 2015 04:10:16 AM ET

I'm 24 weeks, and high risk, as i've had 2 preterm babies at 28 and 32 weeks. i'm on pesaarys to stop my cervix from shortening, and suddenly i feel very sick today. i've been taking them for a few weeks. is it normal to feel sick now? is there anyway to know how long i will go with just taking pessarys?

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Sabrina Dec 19, 2014 10:18:49 PM ET

I'm so sick at night time. i'm high risk. i have had a lot of pain too. i have to take another sugar test. maybe my sugar is up. i'm 25 weeks along. i have four other children, and never felt like this. i'm talking to my doctor tomorrow.

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Guest Nov 26, 2014 08:20:37 AM ET

Hi. i'm 23 weeks pregnant. i eat too much, but i always pray for my baby.

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trish Oct 6, 2014 08:34:17 AM ET

Hi. it's my first pregnancy, and i am 23-24 weeks now. when is my expected date of delivery?

Enigma87 Nov 22, 2014 08:01:27 PM ET

You are probably due in mid to late march, but the date is determined by your last missed period, or if you know it, the date you conceived.

Guest Nov 26, 2014 02:04:24 AM ET

Late february, or early march.

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Guest Oct 6, 2014 08:31:32 AM ET

I am 24 weeks pregnant now. when is my due date?

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sam Jun 5, 2014 09:54:49 AM ET

Hi. i'm 24 weeks pregnant and this is my second child. please tell me about the placenta's location. i think i'm pregnant with a baby boy but my relatives said to me i will have a girl. do you have any idea???

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Guest Nov 22, 2013 10:43:00 AM ET

I'm 28 and 24 weeks and 3 days. this is my 5th pregnancy, but i have no living child. i've had 3 miscarriages before 12 weeks, and one at 28 weeks. i have had problems connecting with this baby. i'm not sure if it's due to my past or what. i just pray that i make it though this, and that the baby is going to be happy and healthy.

Guest Aug 13, 2014 11:08:37 PM ET

I pray for you and the health of your baby and that what ever choice god has made for your life that you will be full of joy and happiness in jesus name amen

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