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Tiffany Nov 30, 2012 07:20:35 AM ET

My name is tiffany, i was doing some research on my due date and when exactly did i get pregnant. my due date is march 21rst 2013. i had sex on june 10th 2012 and got my period on june 14th-18th, i then had sex on june 25/ 26th 2012 (midnight). my bf and i took a short break and i had sex with my ex bf on july 2nd. i found out i was pregnant on july 13th. from this app i have on my phone, based from my last period it says i was fertile from june23-29th and ovulated on june 28th 2012. on friday august 31rst 2012 i went for my first sonogram app and my doctor said my baby was measured at 11 weeks and 1 day, so i knew i made 11 weeks the day b4 which was on thursday aug 30th. so every thursday i make a different week. i then counted back 9 weeks back and it landed on june 28th. this monday on november 26th i went for another sonogram app and they told me i was 23 weeks and 4 days meaning today thursday november 29th i made 24 weeks, i then counted 22 weeks back and it still lands on june 28th. they said all is fine with the baby and that my due date is march 21rst 2013 i even counted 40 weeks and it falls on march 21rst. now i havent spoken to my doctor about this because i recently just moved to pa and i have a brand new doctor and i am embarrassed, i made a huge mistake. i told my bf he is the father b|c my old doctor said it was too early for it to be my ex's but it eats me inside and i just need to know so it could ease my mind. please if you could help me out i would gladly appreciate it. is it my bf's or ex's from july 2nd. thank you.

janice Jan 24, 2013 02:48:40 AM ET

Really.hate to give u more math or more to think about ... ultrasounds can be off by approx 10 days, i know it doesnt help much but sometimes baby is just big. i also know that a preg mom can have her monthly believe it or not throughout the whole preg. i also understand it takes about a week for a sperm to fertilate when it reaches its um.. destination.. sorry to give more to think about but u may want to bring it up to doc.... even if to just to ask for advice or be sure of unwanted transferables. anyways... may or may not be much help.... but if this current bf is a good guy, he,ll accept baby without question... but probably would be better that he knows now instead of later..... i see everyone on here having their first baby.. iam having.... ahem my fifth.... : )

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tashyanna Nov 28, 2012 06:39:42 AM ET

Hi, im 21 yrs old, pregnant with my first baby boy :) veryy exited and kinda nervous!.. i thought my baby probably wasnt growing right cuase ive only gained 10 lbs and my belly is small, but today had my ultrasound and baby is doing good 4 his 24 weeks !! he weighs 1 pound 6 ounces.. (;

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Chrystal Nov 6, 2012 06:00:01 PM ET

I am 24 weeks with my 3rd, she is a girl! we are naming her myah marie. my oldest is 14 and a girl and my youngest is 2 and a boy. i am 36. i love being pregnant and am beginning to get very excited!!

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Angela Oct 10, 2012 11:01:29 AM ET

Venesa, im also 27 and 24 wks with a boy! my hubby and i are extremely excited and cant wait to hold him! are you having your baby shower before or after christmas?

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tunishia Oct 10, 2012 12:33:56 AM ET

I am 35 and i have a 22 yr old daughter,10old daughter now i am 20 wks with another girl they are 10years apart lucky me

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Venesa Oct 9, 2012 06:39:05 AM ET

Im 27 and 24 weeks pregnant! it's my first child and it's a boy!! i am super excited and can't wait to hold my baby boy! after two miscarriages and believing i couldn't get pregnant after the second one i'm finally gonna have a baby boy.. at the end of jan!! well best of luck

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Trina Jul 7, 2012 01:35:00 PM ET

I am 33years old and im 24 wks. i dunno if im having a boy or girl yet. i am a high risk pregnancy bcuz i have hep c.i pray i have a healthy baby.i have an 8year old daghter that in remission from cancer& i hope 2 give her a baby sis like she wants.

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Kathy Jun 29, 2012 06:31:21 AM ET

Hi there, i am now 41yrs old & 24 weeks pregnant with my second child (a boy) i have a daughter who is 5 turning 6 soon. i didn't think i was going to get the chance to be a mother again after trying to concieve for the past 3 years- my partner & i are very excited & look forward to being parents again. we wish all the other couples out there all the luck in the world!

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anscgs4305 May 25, 2012 03:46:01 AM ET

I am 20 and 24 weeks along with my 2nd child. at my last ultrasound i wanted to know what this one was but they couldn't tell. i was sad of course but hopefully when i go back on wednesday they will be able to tell me something. i have a 19 month old daughter named cynthia and she was born 2 months premature because i obtained severe pre-ecclampsia. my doctors are watching me more closely this time and i hope the same thing doesn't happen again. cynthia was fine breathing on her own and everything but at 3lbs 9oz she had to stay in the nicu for a month until she could maintain her body temperature! :( so fingers crossed that my blood pressure stays manageable this time around and hopefully there is a little boy on its way this time so cynthia can have a little brother, although i will be happy if its another little princess instead. :)

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Shauntaviar Feb 6, 2012 05:32:46 AM ET

Hello evryone! iam 26 and in my 24th week. this is my firsy child... it's a boy and i am ready to hold him already.going through this without his father, and it's tough but i am looking forward to being a mother!i feel him alot during the night, he usually is very still during the day when i'm active.i love him already! good luck to everyone.

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