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kayla May 22, 2013 12:43:48 AM ET

I'm 25 weeks and feeling great!! my husband and i are having a boy!! couldn't be happier! he's very active in the mornings and at night!! i'm already starting to leak out the clear stuff out of my breasts.. guess that's normal..

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Lindsey yeo May 1, 2013 06:10:51 PM ET

I am 25 weeks pregnat and i am getting really horrible heartburn after each meal which then turns into stomach acid reflux whilst trying to sleep i also get round ligament pains now and again which i find very uncomfortable braxton hicks are mental this time round !! this is pregnacy number 3 so i know only to we'll that all this is normall to those that say pregnacy is easy you are only kidding yourself either that or you are extremely blessed any way good luck to all

Priya d Dec 4, 2016 04:27:12 PM ET

Hi dear, even i am facing the same problem.but try drinking cold milk with sugar after your dinner and in the evening after snacks. it really works for me.

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Amanda May 1, 2013 12:56:53 AM ET

I am 25 weeks and due august 11. i am really feeling good and this is my 2nd child and my 1st just turned 11 yrs old. my daughter never really moved but my son is just a playing all day!!!

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Angel Figueroa Apr 27, 2013 06:17:54 AM ET

Wow im 25 weeks and i am so excited... this is my first so like im excited and very scared at the same time... my due date is august 4th.. i so cant wait to meet my son... i was told i could never have kids so this is a blessing... mommy cant wait to meet my precious amazing son...

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amanda Apr 21, 2013 02:14:06 PM ET

I wish i knew what it felt like to feel your baby move or kick im 25 weeks and my whole pregancy i havent felt my baby the doctors say she is a healthy baby and her heart beat is really good

Heather Apr 25, 2013 05:28:44 PM ET

I didn't feel any big movements until 25 weeks and 2 days (tuesday). and now i just feel little blips at night. i know how you feel. :)

heather c Dec 19, 2013 12:52:13 PM ET

I'm 25 weeks 4 days and mine is the same!

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Shawna Jan 29, 2013 09:15:01 PM ET

I'm 25 weeks & 4 days pregnant with a baby boy,i'm soooo excited. little henry does his share of moving around as well i'm so a excited to be a mommy!

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haley Dec 9, 2012 08:42:28 PM ET

Oh and btw i woke up peeing blood i waas soo scared but it was a uti anybody ever here of tht

savannah Mar 8, 2013 07:39:04 PM ET

That happend to me twice during my pregnancy it was definitely very scary! but it was just a uti.

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Tiaz Nov 21, 2012 11:42:04 PM ET

Im 25 weeks today i'm pregnant with my third but my first girl. im sooooo nervous about this pregnancy but i don't why. maybe because its a girl lol.

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gtmom Oct 20, 2012 05:57:23 PM ET

I'm 25wks an 4dys today with my third, don't know what i'm having i like it that way...... congrats 2 all u mommies especially the ones due in january!!

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Christy A May 11, 2012 03:34:57 PM ET

Im 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl my boyfriend is happy we already call her by her name sex is so great better orgasms then before i know tmi but i just wanted to tell everyone that just because u have a beachball in the way dont mean everything will end ...

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