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Lindsey Mar 10, 2010 03:27:10 AM ET

24 1/2 weeks along with my first a little girl exactly what me and her father dreamed about.. although the bastard walked out a couple weeks ago! she kickes and pushes all the time! i feel pretty good, though

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valerie Feb 23, 2010 03:35:58 AM ET

I'm 25 1/2 weeks along with my husband and i's first child..a little girl :d i've gained 19 lbs and the doc says everything is perfect, thank god!! she kicks all the time and the latest craving ive had is 6 oreos & milk before bed. plenty of bad pregnancy stuff so far, ms at the begining and knee and hip probs because of loosening of ligaments as well as trying to get used to the pregger belly but despite all that we're so excited for her to get here!! only about 15 more weeks!!

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keisha Feb 10, 2010 06:18:28 PM ET

This is my first baby im having a girl she kicks very often love sweets she is vey happy she loves sitting in her comfort zone but somtimes it can be very comlicated but its ok good luck to you lovely ladies n god bless on your new baby

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Lee Jan 7, 2010 10:20:15 PM ET

I'm 24.5 wks pregnant with my first child. we found out she's a girl! exactly what my husband is hoping for. i just want healthy and happy baby. she's doing great and kicking up a storm. not really in the right position righ as she's laying across my stomach instead of face down. :-) no worries, she has plenty of time to turn herself around. we on the other hand are already stressing the baby nursery. we've been waiting and waiting and now it's almost 3td trimester. yicks. anyways, congrats and good luck to all you lovely ladies. :-)

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Sarah Jan 6, 2010 08:37:39 PM ET

I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby. it's a boy and he loves to kick:) ive gained 6 pounds so far. im so excited, good luck to all of you and your little miricals!

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Amanda Jan 6, 2010 04:54:09 PM ET

I am 25 wks. prego and having my second child. my first was a girl with red hair, named her karleigh addison. this one will be named oakley jameson and i am interested to see if he is going to have red hair as well. red hair does not run in our family is such a great surprise to have this! excited!!! good luck everyone!

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Lakmini Chakravarthi Dec 11, 2009 09:45:16 AM ET

Now am in the 25th week of my journey to the new life... we are waiting eagerly to hold our sweet love in our arms. and am of course doing pretty well. wish all the best for all of you out there....... god bless you..

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Andrea Nov 13, 2009 07:40:04 PM ET

24 1/2 weeks pregnant with first baby and feeling pretty good. great pregnancy and i am still running! can't wait to meet her. good luck to everyone out there.

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ida Oct 28, 2009 02:50:49 AM ET

I am 25weeks pregnant..this is my first husband and i can't wait to have this, my excitement turns to disaster since i have to deal with a bad back pain..but i am glad to be a mom soon..

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gabby Oct 19, 2009 02:56:27 PM ET

I am 25 weeks now and i dont know what i am having. this is my 4th preg, i have three girls. this preg, has been the worst of them all. i have been dealing with back pain, cramping,nausea. many people also have been telling me that i dont look 6 months preg, they think i look less months. i have only gained 10 pounds since i got preg.

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