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Pregnancy Week 25 Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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Sopharee Apr 25, 2009 11:33:34 PM ET

i'm 24 wks pregnant already big ass hell. its my 3rd child i look great but feel like shit. i have pains throw out my lower part of my body its soo bad that sometime i need to push myself off or kind of life myself off the bed. yes im having a boy and def. getting circumsize

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Xena Jul 30, 2005 05:02:52 PM ET

I have been having weird dreams - lol!! and a few little aches and pains - otherwise, just getting ready for the baby!!:)

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kameshia Nov 17, 2004 10:14:35 PM ET

I am having a boy and he loves o kick all day long. i have some crazy cravings i mostly crave food any kind of food. i just love to eat it is ok though cause i only weigh 104. i am getting ready for my babyshower. i am getting my baby circumsied too. it is for the best.

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