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roxy Oct 10, 2010 02:18:52 AM ET

Im 2 months n a half away so happy my second boy...

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Ta Aug 14, 2010 05:09:45 AM ET

I'm so small!!!! i'm 26 weeks and i've been told a couple times that i look 3 or 4 months pregnant!!!

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Lillie Aug 9, 2010 07:32:05 AM ET

I'm getting so big. it's scary, yet wonderful. i glad to know i'm having a little boy. feels blessed.

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Lyndsey Jul 20, 2010 03:01:03 PM ET

I can't believe how big i am with 2 and half months to go! i've even been told i look 8 months but don't care as long as my bouncing boy is healthy.

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daisy Apr 27, 2010 10:54:49 PM ET

I can't believe in almost 2 months i'm having my little princess . i have a feeling she's going to be very spoiled lol.

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Rosemary Mar 19, 2010 04:08:41 PM ET

My tummy is huge but i've only gained 12 lb! i feel very pregnant, but am looking forward to getting even bigger! i'm glad my weight gain isn't tremendous, as i was a bit overweight when i got pregnant. i plan to do light exercise and eat well postpartum - with my last baby i ate loads of sugary foods and didn't exercise for the first 6 months or so. this time will be different!

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Cathy Feb 23, 2010 03:55:11 PM ET

I'm getting so excited im trying to imagine what my baby will look like. hope he has his dads dimples : )

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Debbie Feb 20, 2010 12:09:36 AM ET

I feel like something is wrong with me becuase my tummy is so tiny. i don't look i am 26 weeks pregnant at all! i get nervous that something is wrong with the baby because i am so small but at each doctor's appointment i am told everything looks good.

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Nikki Nov 9, 2009 04:38:04 PM ET

My little girl is bouncing off my walls. i am experiencing emotional sensitivity at a level never experienced before. this is a great site - very informative and user friendly.

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Natasha Nov 6, 2009 02:31:35 AM ET

I have several friends pregnant abput the same as i and i love to see how we all progress thru this diffrently. one of us smaller and one of us huge. i fell like i cant get much bigger, but then again some get bigger than this. im sooo excited to have my baby and see whats been developing this whole time.

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