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angel mother of 3almost 4 Oct 7, 2013 01:45:51 PM ET

I'm 30 weeks 3 days i feel tired and sick all the time i was in the hospital for a week recently because of kidney problems now i'm fine and not in pain anymore i'm having a baby boy already have 2 girls and one boy. i enjoy his kicks and hiccups i just hate the vomiting and feeling sick all the time this week i can't keep anything down ugh it makes me feel weak because of all the vomiting. cant wait till this is over. due date is dec 13

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Tay Sep 8, 2013 02:20:48 PM ET

I am nearly 30 weeks, feel drained, but really excited to meet my baby son soon, cant wait!

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!!!! Sep 5, 2013 06:58:57 PM ET

I'm 30 weeks today, i'm pregnant with a very lively boy! the baby happened through an assault, i'm stuck between keeping him and giving him to a loving family. everyday i wake up and wonder what am i going to do, and i always come up with a blank answer. it's so hard when you fell in love with someone you haven't met and the day you meet you have to decide whether to let go or hold on. i do enjoy his squirming, moving, punching the inside of my belly, the stretches and those weird hiccups! no one else i know reads these so i wanted to say what i wanted to say. it sure feels lonely going through what i'm going through. :(

Charlie Oct 8, 2013 03:43:23 PM ET

Praying for your decision

Courtney Oct 28, 2013 09:17:07 AM ET

Praying for you. once you hold that baby in your arms it's a different story. be strong.

Guest Nov 12, 2013 04:56:41 PM ET

It seems like your heart might have already made your decision. trust your instincts not just your common sence. praying for you right now.

Guest Jun 8, 2014 09:34:32 PM ET

My daughter was conceived the same way. she'll be 7 in july. i instantly fell in love with her the moment i saw her and held her the first time. she's going to be a big sister in aug and she is so excited. i hope you can make the right decision for you and your baby. god bless you.

keila Jan 9, 2015 10:58:43 AM ET

I am in the same boat. i am expecting another boy. i hope you can put your mind at ease. xoxo. i like to think i made the decision to keep my baby boy when i decided not to get an a-word. (i cannot bring myself to even say the word). my older son (2) is very excited there will be a new baby, and he will be a big brother. once you see the wee bean you grew, i'm sure you will fall madly in love. :)

Taylor Nov 21, 2016 08:14:25 AM ET

My youngest is an assault child. it is a hard decision to make but, give it to god, he will help you make the right choice. i don't know what i would do if i would have gave her up. she is the light at the end of the tunnel, that's for sure, full of fun and life. she will never know how she got here or who her father is but ,she has all the love in the world. praying for you.

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maryam Aug 22, 2013 11:38:25 AM ET

Am 30wks gone d last tym the midwife say my stomach is to small, but am okey since my little angel kicks, this my first hoping and praying to god for a safe delivery. though nervous i must confess

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forever1990young Aug 6, 2013 01:33:44 PM ET

30 weeks pregnant today and i still have 8 more lbs to gain before i even get back to my pre pregnancy weight. i initially lost 16 lbs. and have only gained 8 back in the last 2.5 months

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denise a Aug 4, 2013 07:50:22 PM ET

I'm 30 weeks pregrant and i'm gaining weight like there is no tomorrow and this is my second baby and its a boy. hopefully these ten weeks pass by quick .

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denise Jul 13, 2013 03:19:48 AM ET

30 weeks pregnant today i've gained. carefully. .3 lbs obgyn said i was fine though that i shouldn't gain as much in the begging but i'm worried still

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momo_coco Jun 30, 2013 11:04:55 PM ET

I'm 30 weeks exactly today and i feel awesome. my ob/gyn suggests working out for 1 hour daily so for the past 3 months i've been trying to but it is hard. i'm only successful for three-four days of working out per week. i've only gained 19 pounds and i stick to a pretty decent diet; high protein, iron, and fiber. i don't work and that is stressing me out! i hate not being occupied but as i get bigger i know it's for the best. baby boy is highly active and i've heard nothing bad from the doc, just to watch my weight. hubby and i are very excited for the arrival of our first child. :)

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Portia Jun 9, 2013 09:39:08 AM ET

I m 30 weeks today.feeling bulky.cant sleepat night earlier i used to feel my baby jumping n kicking inside but from past week coulnt feel that way...i m worried if its not normal or my baby is not growing properly... my gynae too told me that baby is a week advncd in growth

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Stephanie May 15, 2013 12:02:18 AM ET

Im 30weeks body has changed soo much n also my thoughts...i feel like i over think stuff too much and it just builds up most of the time i feel good..just my legs cramp up n feet get swollen when i walk alot...i love it wen my bbygirl kicks. punches n wiggles i feel no pain bt wen shes by my ribs oohhh god it feels weird

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