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Pregnancy Week 30 Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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TIFFANY Jul 30, 2010 10:05:26 PM ET

I am 30 weeks pregnant now. most of the time i dont feel pregnant i wonder if its normal... but the only thing that bothers me the most is trying to sleep at night i toss and turn.

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Nawal Jul 14, 2010 04:46:30 AM ET

I am 30 weeks and i have a very bad back pain, can not sleep at night, and not gaining weight for the past 2 weeks i am very concerned.

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Michele Jul 13, 2010 11:51:53 AM ET

This boy keeps moving all around and it's so strange! i love it, but it's such a wierd feeling. i wish my husband coul feel it (from the inside) just once to have a clue. it's too hard to explain. i've been walking 30 mins a day and it's getting rough b/c it's so hot out. come on sept!

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Sarah Mar 12, 2010 09:53:12 PM ET

I am 30 weeks pregnant and feeling very tired and very emtional much like that at the begining of the pregnancy. my pregnancy has gone very fast up to this point but the last week have not been sleeping well and been very tired and uncomfortable so feel like it may drag on from this point. :)

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Merisa Mar 3, 2010 06:19:18 PM ET

Im 30weeks and 3days im so excited. but ya my ribs hurt and cant get comfortable at night. tired all the time. but soon my baby girl will be here :) 67 days yay!

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Natali Feb 8, 2010 11:55:53 AM ET

Why is it so difficult for your practitioner to make you feel comfortable by saying something other than "it's ok, it's normal"!! don't tell me it's normal tell me why it's normal!!

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Tamara Feb 1, 2010 02:59:50 AM ET

30 weeks now.... scary! my back is killing me and my feet are sore - other than that im great.

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Susy Nov 22, 2009 04:33:42 PM ET

I toss and turn all night long, because i am so uncomfortable. i am looking forward to my due date!!!

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Amy Sep 14, 2009 11:24:09 PM ET

I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant and my energy levels are decreasing. also i'm a total ding bat right now. can't even talk at times cause i forget words or what i was trying to say!

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Lindsay Jun 25, 2009 11:37:31 AM ET

I am almost 31 weeks and am totally feeling like it. i can't breathe and i have no energy at's really hot and i can't even have a beer during a giants game. i'm done! lol!

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