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Neetra Feb 12, 2013 03:38:18 PM ET

Im 33 weeks, and already anxiously awaiting my 1st baby girl's arrival. she's my third after ten years, and she's given me the business the entire time. i am tired often, and the heart burn and nasuea are never ending. praying for a 37 week delivery :) good luck everyone, and congratulations!

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Takea Feb 3, 2013 02:49:17 PM ET

I am 32weeks and 3 days. i am having a lil girl can't wait fist girl. i have recently went on leave at work to much moving around. my back pain got really bad wen i would come home. my only problem is that i can't really sleep at night. can't wait u.til she's here my baby girl.

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SADIA Jan 27, 2013 09:01:44 PM ET

Im 32 weeks with second baby. my 1st is only 9 months. but im sore at the top of my uterus i felt my 1st baby stretch my uterus when i was neat my due date and this baby is lying in the same place. im fed up being pregnant and just want my body to myself again lol but im looking forward to seeing my wee babys face, soon!!! lol. il b a busy woman. good luck to use all...

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Claudia Jan 25, 2013 06:15:26 PM ET

Wow i feel so 32 weeks today and besides my back pains at the end of the day( of work only) i've had a pretty easy first pregnancy,...morning sickness lasted 30 days only during my 2nd month. my boy weights about 4pounds 7 ounces...:)

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brittany Jan 25, 2013 01:20:09 AM ET

I'm 32 weeks and 5 days i have back pain, i'm really uncomfortable can sleep a lot of hurt burn,so at my appt his head is already down i'm just so ready it feels like hea ready to come out now but its cool i don't have that long good luck wit everybody pregnancy

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Nickey Jan 7, 2013 05:38:29 PM ET

I am 32 weeks and i am ready for this to be over. i have been sick the entire time and still vomit once or twice a week. i have terrible heartburn, and have a hard time sleeping. my energy is very low, but the baby is very healthy, my bp is excellent and my glucose test came back good, so everything is looking good so far.

Tasha Mar 7, 2013 01:19:11 AM ET

Hey, nickey...... i totally feel u. im 32 weeks, exhausted, heartburn and insomia. im definitely ready for my "princess" to arrive......

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rena Nov 24, 2012 10:36:17 PM ET

Im 32 wks n 5 days pg n im feeln very sick 2 my stomach, im havn a lil boy n hes my 1st n im very xcited but scared. idk if i shuld worry bout vomiting everytym but dats jus how i feel 4 over a wk nw.

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PORCHA Oct 27, 2012 11:15:23 PM ET

Im 31 weeks and so uncomfortable ..feel like im about to my belly is the size of someone thats 5 months and it feels as if my bby girl has ranned out of room..and on top of that pelvic pain and braxton hicks like crazy...first one and ready for this to be over ..i guess the last trimester is the worst one.

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deidre Oct 21, 2012 02:32:31 AM ET

O wow this is my 5th baby and im only 32weeks preggo and due in dec.

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terrlyn Oct 18, 2012 12:49:27 AM ET

Im 33 weeks and my belly is measurng at 36 weeks my baby boy is alost 6lbs yikes!!!! this wiill be baby number 3 and he will be the biggest. im tired,cant sleepand very uncomfortable with severe back pain.i cant wait to deliver my little stinker in december.

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