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Pregnancy Week 32 Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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april Aug 7, 2012 08:53:51 PM ET

Im 32wks this thursday and been haveing loads of them braxton contraction the last week and they get stronger every day i had my last baby girl at 34wks so i have a scan at the end of augest to check my waters has my back water went at 34wks last time and then i have a nother scan at 36wks i guess there keeping i eye on me consider what happerned last time i dont know if she will come early or not

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sitara May 2, 2012 05:55:33 PM ET

Iam 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant and i am feeling pretty good . my baby is 4 pounds and 4 oz and she is allready head down . getting ready to come to the i am lil scared of birth i mean i saw the episiotomy video and it made me soooo scared i dont wanna to have episiotomy done to me just praying that every thing go smoothely.....

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nadia Apr 25, 2012 01:47:39 PM ET

I am 32 weeks today.cannot wait.this pregnancy is taking forever.8 more weeks.

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miracle Apr 24, 2012 03:50:17 PM ET

I'm 32 weeks today and i feel okay its hard to get up some times with the extra load. but all in all once i got over the 5 months of morning sickness its been great.

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Sugarncream Apr 17, 2012 04:56:02 AM ET

I am 32 weeks an can't sleep, ugh! my pregnancy has been great other wise besides the speed bump n 15 weeks with appendicitis. that was fun (not). but lil dominick has been healthy throguh out this hole thing. can't wait to meet the wiggley lil bugger!!

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alissa Apr 4, 2012 08:43:37 PM ET

I'm 31 weeks and boy i'm i ready this is my third baby and she is really a little mover. she has my back hurting and she loves being under my ribs. i experience some pre term labor two weeks ago come to find out i was dehydrated really bad. but now i'm fine i can not wait til this is over i'm done with the babies but i'm very excited that its almost time to meet my baby girl.

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Jannet Mar 18, 2012 11:29:40 AM ET

Im in my 32nd week with my first baby, we are having a girl! so far everything is great! i have never felt better. the only thing is my energy is way low.

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Shamaila Feb 3, 2012 10:45:13 AM ET

I am at 32 weeks today. feel fine other than the rib pain which feels a lot better if i lie down, but can't do that at work :( gets better at night. other than taht everything is fine. my baby movements always make me smile and i respond to them.. "i am right here with you my little one" is what i say back to him.

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samantha Jan 3, 2012 03:57:08 PM ET

I'm 31 weeks and feel like a whale, so much that i get bad back ache and cannot walk for long but i am super excited for the birth of my first son

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Sunny Dec 14, 2011 12:41:08 PM ET

I am 32 weeks and i feel fine. i gained 28lbs total so far, and i an 3lbs over per the calculator. i did not gain much until 24 weeks, and i started gaining 2lbs every week. i think sudden gain was more a concern than the total weight gain. my glucose level is normal and i feel great though.

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