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samantha Jan 3, 2012 08:57:08 PM ET

I'm 31 weeks and feel like a whale, so much that i get bad back ache and cannot walk for long but I am super excited for the birth of my first son

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Sunny Dec 14, 2011 05:41:08 PM ET

I am 32 weeks and I feel fine. I gained 28lbs total so far, and I an 3lbs over per the calculator. I did not gain much until 24 weeks, and I started gaining 2lbs every week. I think sudden gain was more a concern than the total weight gain. My glucose level is normal and I feel great though.

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Casey Oct 27, 2011 07:00:20 PM ET

I am now at week 32 and feeling okay.. but ready to feel normal again! I rotated my pelvic bone the other day and had to get an adjustment from my doctor.. my thighs and lower back are in constant pain.. i hate walking!

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sadia Oct 16, 2011 03:30:21 AM ET

I was 11 days overdue.after my delivery i had a abnormal bleeding from vagina.i was in the OT for 8 hrs. DR tried to stop bleeding but they couldnt.finally they had to cut off my uterus. it was my 1st baby and last also.i can not give birth anymore......

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preet johal Oct 9, 2011 04:06:17 PM ET

SI am in 31 weeks.I have little bit vaginal discharge in the early morning and vaginal streaching ...will u tell me why is it so...

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Jaycee Aug 31, 2011 04:32:50 AM ET

I am 32 weeks today! my whole pregnancy has been a breeze! good sleeps, no problems! *knock on wood right? LOL i'm mostly in a great mood with no extreme mood changes. he moves lots! he's in "ready position" . his dad and i are so very excited.

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tishira Aug 9, 2011 07:34:46 AM ET

I am 31 wks with my fourth. I know thats a lot!! This is the hardest one I've been through. My back hurts, feet are swollen and I still have about 7 wks left of work. I need a break.. I really hate to complain but God I can't wait till this is over!!

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Claire Jul 26, 2011 04:59:51 AM ET

32 wks with my second child (have 3 yr old) still got 5 wks to work before mat leave! so tired have perm heartburn & sickness, cant get good night sleep. No wonder I've only gained 10lb!but my husband & I are so looking forward to him/her.

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Jessica Jun 3, 2011 05:11:30 PM ET

32 weeks today and I've felt better. Stomach is sore from all the pushing and poking. She is my 1st child. She is already in position for birth, weighs 4 lbs, and has lots of hair :)

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Heather Feb 17, 2011 06:03:05 AM ET

Im 32 weeks and doc wants me to be careful. Our little bundle is trying to come out early. I tell her dad its cause she wants him to hold her. He is lovin it all except the mood changes

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