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Pregnancy Week 32 Comments & Discussion | Page 9

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Kay Jun 21, 2010 02:13:46 AM ET

I feel pretty good, lots of kicking going on in my belly! we are getting excited to meet our little one(:

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Dianne Lou Jun 6, 2010 04:53:36 AM ET

I'm currently on my 33rd week.. feeling great, and getting ready for the big day ! excited to hold my baby girl ..

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Gotti Jun 4, 2010 08:12:20 AM ET

I feel weird,, my baby make funny movements, he kiks like he playing the drums, he gives me back spasms , and at times i feel paralized from my right leg. my cervix feel bruced ,sore and it be in pain like if it was cramping with burning. my doctor says all this is normal but i dont think so. any advice from ya?

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Jessica Jun 2, 2010 09:41:30 PM ET

Im 32 weeks 3 days pregnant... had the flu for 5 days but other then that have been feeling great.. im due july 25th with my third boy and couldnt be happier =)

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Rosy May 25, 2010 08:07:00 PM ET

I am 32 weeks pregnant and i honestly don't feel 2 bad just yet:) i'm excited and cant wait to hold my lil girl in my arms.

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Mel May 19, 2010 09:10:49 PM ET

I feel pretty good at 32 weeks. sleep really well, just wish didn't have to wake up so early to go to work. so excited to see my little boy.

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Mickey Mouse May 17, 2010 07:27:15 PM ET

Im ready and feeling confident

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Kasheena Aug 3, 2009 03:46:07 PM ET

Hey ladies i didn't know pregnancy could make you feel so beautiful. i feel amazing at 32 weeks pregnant

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Don-O-Lynn Weed Aug 6, 2006 02:34:02 AM ET

I love it, it is the most amazind feeling that me and my daughter enjoy, we feel it kick together. she gets so excited..

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