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Pregnancy Week 39 Comments & Discussion | Page 2

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Guest Mar 2, 2014 06:18:20 AM ET

I'm 40 weeks and had diarrhea last night! i hope it's a sign of labor. i can't wait for my baby gal to come already! my due date is on the 5th of march. i'm scared. what if it passes? i don't want to be induced. wat could i do? help.

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Guest Jan 23, 2014 04:11:01 PM ET

I am 39 weeks and my feet are badly swollen. i can't stand the burn. my little girl moves hardly at all lately but when she does its very intense. i guess she has no room left to move. i have not had signs of labor but had a bit of diarrhea today. i hope baby can surprise me and come now. :) good luck ladies.

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Maritzalove Dec 6, 2013 11:31:27 AM ET

I'm 39 weeks today. little contractions and my cervix only opened 2 cm. i hope i pop some time next week.

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Chloe hull Aug 7, 2013 01:25:01 PM ET

I'm 17 yr old,39week and 4day today. i had trouble sleeping, not in good mood with all wishing, this week at night had some of back ace with tummy cramp and yesterday was feeling sickness not through,shouldn't eat well and uncomfortable/so tired.. i had some sex, drink quite a lot pineapple drink, walking much, cleaning , keeping going the loo but the wee isnt full it kike stirp and yesterday i was play wiifit wish it jump so hasn't come labour so im all ready and waiting so would like him come out as looking forward. i don't know if born on time cuz i think be over due :/?.

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Sagi Aug 22, 2012 09:04:07 PM ET

I'm two days before my due date and i felt the anxious about it already. i'm excited to see the baby already but anxious about the labor and birth.

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lizzy May 18, 2012 10:16:49 AM ET

38 weeks 5day i want 2 knw im prepared but can i realy depend on my due day? pls reply me anyone who knws

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Christina May 9, 2012 03:01:31 PM ET

I'm 39 weeks today and haven't had any contractions and such. my baby boy is moving around a lot, however. so i know he's doing ok. i have a week before i'm 40 weeks and his edd. if he doesn't come by than or sooner i'm scheduled to be induced may 22. i heard that baby boys are more lazy when it comes to being born than baby girls are because baby girls are more stubborn. is that true?

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Amanda Nov 14, 2011 10:19:23 AM ET

I am 39 weeks 4 days today and no signs of labor. i went 41 weeks with both my girls and had spontaneous births both on the 22nd, so i am thinking baby boy is following in sissy's foot steps! i have a doc apt. today and its the first cervix check this pregnancy :)

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ashley Aug 7, 2011 10:26:32 AM ET

I believe this to be hardest time of a pregnancy. i have forgotten about all of the days that i was nauseous in the beginning and the time where my sciatic nerve was completely unnerving. . . the waiting game to go into labor is by far the worst place in pregnancy! i am 39 weeks today and about to flip out if this baby doesn't come out in the next few days!!!!

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soggysneakers Aug 31, 2010 11:31:12 AM ET

39 weeks and two days ago i had 8 hrs of timeable and worthwhile, can't-talk-through-them contractions and then eased up in the evening and haven't reappeared! super frustrating. hopefully something in the next few days. wasn't dehydrated, no broken water or membranes, movement (walking, resting) didn't affect the contractions, so obviously i thought it was true labor. squeezing and painful, just didn't seem compelling even though they got as close as every five minutes for just about an hour... just typing it out helps!

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