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Jessica Nov 30, 2006 02:37:46 AM ET

Just found out and very seem very fine i love food a lot more these days!!!!!!!!!

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T Nov 14, 2006 02:13:00 PM ET

Found out yesterday i am pregnant with number two... so excited (took just under a year this time). then last night got a terrible stomache bug up every hour vomiting and running to the loo!!! but the doc assures me its not morning sickness yet, so glad, would not cope with that every day... all the best to u who are expecting.

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chanel Jul 24, 2006 03:46:00 PM ET

I am still waiting to test,but i feel naesous and i have t o urinate all the time and i am bloated and extremely tired, and i have headaches and mood swings wish me luck, this could be it!

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Tai Oct 21, 2005 09:05:57 PM ET

Pregers again...yay! this will be our second child and we are very happy. i knew i was pregnant 36 hours after conception. i got a few cramps and "twinges" in my breast. happy to say i got pregnant on my birthday (age 32). good luck to all of you.

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Tina Sep 29, 2005 07:55:38 PM ET

Found out i am pregnant. had a miscarriage in jan 05 so a little nervous with this one. still early 3-4 weeks. have heartburn, exhausted mid day.

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Jacklyn Turner Sep 12, 2005 02:15:20 PM ET

Found out about a week ago when i took a hpt, took another the next day, both positive... went to the er for painful cramps, had a sonogram, baby fine... we are very excited..

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A RIVERA Sep 8, 2005 08:35:38 PM ET

I dont know yet if im pregnant, but i do feel headaches, a little bit of nausea at night, a little tender.. im waiting a few more days to take a hpt.!!!!!!

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nicole cooler Jun 27, 2005 09:43:09 PM ET

? not so sure yet havent taken a test waitting a few more days. when i find out for sure i will break the wonderful news!

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Katherine Jun 14, 2005 03:06:55 PM ET

Just found out about second pregnancy, father and sister are very excited. have experienced nausea and frequant urination. my breasts have been tender for the last few days. because this is my second and possible last pregnancy i am excited even with the morning sickness.

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Tiffany Jun 11, 2005 06:29:30 PM ET

Found out i am pregnant very excited but the moods are swinging and the emotions are rolling. but very pleased. i know it will all be worth it.

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