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LIZETH Oct 7, 2010 09:00:23 PM ET

I am 4 wks today so happy and excited it is baby #3 i hope its a girl if not then i dont mind aslong as my baby is healthy. so many emotions :) :) cant wait to tell my husband and congrats to all the new moms and luck to everyone trying to concieve!!god bless

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Jaclyn Oct 4, 2010 11:40:54 AM ET

I just found out today that i am 4 weeks pregnant! i have suffered several misscarriages, and just wanted to post this comment in hopes that other mommies to be will say a quick prayer for me. i really want to have a baby :)

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Heather Sep 22, 2010 04:41:59 PM ET

2 weeks ago, i had severe hurtburn for 4 days straight, which is extremely unusual for me since i never had heartburn. last friday, my boobs started hurting, so i took a hpt that turned out negative. now, i can't even touch my breasts. usually, my breast start hurting exactly 4 days before i start. it's now on day 5. i will be 4 weeks if i'm pregnant. due to start on the 26, so i'll retake a hpt this friday. maybe it was too soon to take one last week. any thoughts???

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Kris Sep 18, 2010 07:41:02 PM ET

Nahla barrows, boston,ma i had a loss at 15 wks and had been ttc since then, july '09 finally got with a fantastic specialist who tested my endometrial lining and turns out the bacterial infection that had caused the loss was still there, 3-4 weeks of antibiotics and am now 4wks with levels at 190. if you haven't yet, ask about an endometrial biopsy to see if that may be holding you back, best of luck!!

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Lucia Sep 10, 2010 11:27:51 PM ET

I just found out today that i'm pregnant with our first baby and i'm a whirlwind of emotions! my symptoms are extreme fatigue that has been keeping me on the couch and having to force myself to walk the dog, extreme hunger and it never ends! i'm also having breast pain like nothing i've ever felt before and that was always my worst period symptom. i'm estimating that i'm 4 weeks pregnant. anyone else out there feeling the same things?

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Shauna Aug 27, 2010 03:29:40 PM ET

Just took a pregnancy test this morning and it was + not looking forward to morning sickness. edd would be may 5, 2011.

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Lynn Aug 26, 2010 04:42:12 PM ET

First pregnancy, 4 weeks 4 days, we are so excited. i am really nervous though. quite a bit of cramping in my ovaries over the past week, and now have horrible pain running all the way up the backs of my legs. ??? not sure what this could be..?? i pray everything is alright for the next 9 months.

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Mary Aug 14, 2010 09:28:07 PM ET

We just found out this morning, although i was pretty sure before- i just felt pregnant (and this is my first)! sensitive breasts, a little achy in my lower back and a little swollen in my abdomen. i'm quite thin, so i wonder if i will start to show earlier? scared to get the "morning" would be hard to hide that from my co-workers!

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Denise Aug 9, 2010 08:44:53 PM ET

Hi everyone, im 35 no kids yet. im hoping im pregnant, sleeping a lot, going to the bathroom and lower back pains. will test in the morning to find out per babyzone. we have been trying for a year now. pray for us.

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Vicki Jul 1, 2010 10:11:33 PM ET

Yay!!! pregnant, taken 2 hpt just to be sure. so very sore breasts, gassy, nausea at times, very hungry suddenly and often, yippee! scared too tho, 1st baby at 36, but ginally its happening for me!

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