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Pregnancy Week 4 Comments & Discussion | Page 8

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Robyn Jan 12, 2010 03:52:20 AM ET

Hi, i'm kind of hoping that i am pregnant. but i don't really understand the symptoms, i do have the cramps, the backaches are slowly starting, but i'm not sure if i am on my period or the implantation thing.

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Janet Jan 1, 2010 04:50:08 PM ET

I had a miscarriage on the first of december. through the month two tests came out negative. on new year's eve my test came out positive. i hope this is a real pregnancy and not remnants of my loss earlier in the month.

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shelly Dec 18, 2009 01:42:05 AM ET

Congratz every1. i hope im pregnant....

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VIolet Dec 14, 2009 09:32:49 PM ET

Took hpt this morning period was due 12/13 test was positive...excited but dont want to get to excited still very early...and i am 39 pray for me and hope all goes well really looking forward to this baby

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Renee Dec 13, 2009 08:30:30 PM ET

Havent found out yet, just been having headaches, on and off nausea, very tired and bloated, but i will test tonight.

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Jane Dec 8, 2009 07:13:30 AM ET

Confirmed by pregnancy test this am and have the world's sorest boobs - at least now i know why. feeling a bit unreal and overwhelmed and at 39, about time too!

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KIA Nov 16, 2009 08:25:32 PM ET

Hi!!i just found out i'm pregnant! i am guessing i am 4 weeks.( i won't know til my first obgyn visit) i am so exited! im 31, this is our first baby and its such an amazing feeling to know something inside of me will be growing. so far, i do have to pee more than usual, and i do get craps, but no morning sickness yet. but i guess that's coming soon? :s

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desi Sep 8, 2009 08:17:13 PM ET

I took2 hpt both were positive. we are excited. just can't seem to get pass the emotional rollercoaster. wish us luck, lol

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Lucinda Jun 25, 2009 08:44:17 AM ET

Just like to share my news of a positive test after 2 months of trying and at 42 feel very relieved. this is my fourth pregnancy and it's been very different to last 3 . that's what i want to share! foul bitter taste in mouth on tongue started a week ago. bought tongue scraper and mouth wash but it would not go away. researched it and found alot of women experience it as a first sign of pregnancy! they were right ! sore boobs tiredness and bitter taste! now it's a positive not a negative and worth it lol so an early symptom to be aware of : )

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kat May 21, 2009 02:22:29 PM ET

Hiya i think im pregnant ive missed period and i feel really horrible and sick! i did a test can it came bk negitive, cud it be too early

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