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Pregnancy Week 5


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Your Baby's Development This Week

The heart starts beating now, and the four chambers of the heart are functioning. Blood has begun pumping, thus the baby's heart is now beating. The umbilical cord develops, providing a means of nourishment and care for the growing baby. The umbilical cord contains three blood vessels and carries blood between placenta and fetus.

Most organ development is underway, including the lungs and brain which are beginning to form. Arm and leg buds appear, although at this point you may not be able to recognize them as such. However, before long they will be busily kicking and waving about.

The placenta begins to form. The placenta is attached to the inside of the uterus to the baby by the umbilical cord. It is the transfer point between mother and baby's blood supply.

The embryo is 2mm long at end of this week, close to the size of a grain of rice. It's hard to imagine all the minute detailed development that is proceeding in such a small little being.

The precursors of the eyes and ears are forming, although they are primitive forms at present. The eyes are extremely complex organs and take much time to fully develop.

Symptoms You May Feel During Week 5

Particularly those who have given birth before may feel bloated, but might think they are just experiencing PMS bloating. In fact a number of early pregnancy symptoms can be mistaken for signs of an impending period.

Nausea generally starts at week six, but that does not mean you might not begin feeling queasy already. One of the best remedies is to prevent it by eating frequently. An empty stomach quickly becomes a sick stomach in early pregnancy. Keep a stash of saltine crackers on your nightstand and nibble on them as soon as you wake up. Some people swear by peppermint candies, or certain teas.

Breasts sensations are usually the initial symptom of pregnancy. Some women experience extreme breast tenderness, similar to what they might feel during PMS, or even worse while others might feel odd and tingly sensations throughout their breast at intermittent periods.

Frequent urination may be starting already, although don't necessarily expect it. This symptom comes and goes throughout different phases of the pregnancy.

Fatigue is most likely the most problematic symptom a woman will deal with in early pregnancy. It might be mild and not last all day every day, or you might feel completely knocked out all day, every day for several weeks. It's one of the most difficult of the symptoms to cope with, as life rarely just pauses for your fatigue. Look at your calendar and cancel anything too trying or overwhelming that you possibly can. Enlist help from friends and family members. Simplify household chores as much as you can. Remember to let someone else care for the cat's litter box, due to the risk of toxoplasmosis, a blood infection. Also, always wash your hands after touching cats, and keep cats off counters.

While you shouldn't become the pregnant hypochondriac, you should know the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, as this is a serious condition and you should respond quickly to any signs of this occurrence. An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg attaches somewhere besides the uterus, typically in the fallopian tube. Symptoms of an ectopic, or tubal pregnancy include sharp abdominal pain, bleeding, gastrointestinal symptoms, or weakness or fainting. This can be a potentially life threatening event, so seek medical attention immediately when experiencing sharp pains with or without bleeding.

Visit With the Obstetrician

If you haven't made one already, schedule your first prenatal visit with your doctor. If you are interviewing prospective care providers, keep in mind a number of factors when making your decision:

You can always switch physicians later if you feel it's just a bad connection, but doing your homework ahead of time can lessen the chance of that happening.

Preparing for Baby

Deciding when and how to tell about your blessed news is something everyone struggles with a bit. Some people chose to wait until the 12 week mark of pregnancy when the risk of miscarriage has plummeted. However, others can't wait to share their joy. Others may decide to let in a small circle of people on their good news. Whenever you decide to share the happy news, go ahead and celebrate this most special life event!

Pregnancy Lifestyle

Dealing with fatigue and nausea is no small task, and if you have other children and or a job, it's even harder to deal with. Try to simplify your life as much as possible. If you usually cook from scratch, consider buying some healthy easy box or frozen meals, keep that pizza delivery number on speed dial.

Are you a compulsive cleaner? Can't stand to skimp on the cleaning schedule? Consider hiring some help on occasion at least during these tough early weeks, when getting off the couch seems like a work out in itself. The easier your schedule and chores, the easier pregnancy will be for you.


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Guest Mar 3, 2014 02:03:00 PM ET

I had sex feb 13th and 15th. my ovulation day was feb 20. he didn't pull out either times. could i get pregnant? i've taken a test and it came out negative. is it to early to take the test?

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Jhaspher Oct 12, 2013 03:40:35 PM ET

I feel pretty good besides the slight nausea , slight side cramps , my craving for sweets , slight lower backaches , my insomnia when i'm home & falling asleep almost everywhere else lol.. i'm hoping & praying for a boy but i'll love my baby boy or girl

Reply | Report

val Oct 2, 2013 10:38:22 PM ET

Well i'm on day 27 waiting to see if ill have my period i got no symptoms its coming normally ill know before hand if its coming or not i took two ept test last week both negative. i'm hoping i am. i have a teen now i would love to have period have been the slightest abnormal since 1 yr ago i had fibroids removed. (uterus still intact)...should i be alert if i am or not i had sex about 7 times last month protection n he didn't pull out niether

Reply | Report

lisa Aug 16, 2013 02:00:14 PM ET

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my first child but just very nervous just wont to get passed 12 weeks good luck to you all

Reply | Report

nygeria20 Jul 28, 2013 07:26:31 AM ET

Congrats all! according to lmp i am 5wks today. last lmp 6/23/13. positive opk cd13.... usually dont get a positive until cd18. needless to say i took hpt 6-8dpo negative.... 11dpo positive {4 days before missed period} beta drawn at 3weeks and like 4 days. 40. 4wks288. 4wks 2 days 971.

Reply | Report

Toni Jul 26, 2013 09:07:47 PM ET

Hii i wanted to know what was your very first sign you had

CT Feb 14, 2014 02:37:53 PM ET

Missed period! :)

Guest Feb 20, 2014 12:59:57 AM ET

I had implantation spotting a couple of weeks after my lmp.

Reply | Report

tammy Jul 9, 2013 12:48:12 PM ET

Question i had sex on 6/7 my ovulation day i was suppose to start on the 21st usually they last for 7 days well i got my period on the 19th for 3 days could i be pregnant

Reply | Report

Brooke16 Jun 28, 2013 06:23:47 PM ET

I am only 16 years old and i found out i was pregnant 2 days ago im 5 weeks and 2 days today and the pain that goes through the lower abdomen is probably the uterus stretching and your baby growing.. i went to the doctor 2 days ago and got an ultrasound they could only see the yolk sack but the baby is there he/she is just really tiny :) but good luck to all you ladies out there im a young one but i hope all goes well with all your babys and me too.. all we can do is pray and hopefully get great results :) thank you jesus.. amen

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ify Jun 21, 2013 01:46:54 PM ET

I'm five weeks pregnant and i'm just so worried....having this pain in my lower abdomen. i just can't wait to get to the end of my first trimester. may god see us thru and have a safe delivery!

Jessica Jul 27, 2013 05:31:17 AM ET

How long have you had the pain? i went to the doctor yesterday and they said i'm 7 weeks. i think i'm 5 weeks due to my sympums. i've had the abdimal pain for two weeks now. maybe you can help me understand this whole thing.

Reply | Report

oluwafemi Jun 17, 2013 06:46:13 AM ET

Am so happy i am 5wks and 3days today this is my first baby after waiting for six years.

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