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Pregnancy Week 7 Comments & Discussion | Page 18

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Anna Jul 20, 2006 01:43:15 AM ET

Hi i am 7 weeks pregnant i do feel sick in the morning and i dont have an apetite i dont know why and i do feel tired and sleepy

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Kellie Feb 23, 2006 11:31:29 AM ET

Second pregnancy for me. this one is totally different from 1st. not nauseous this time! no back pain, feeling great! only tired.

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Shayma Nov 15, 2005 07:21:21 AM ET

Its my first .... and i just found out yesturday its twins!!! i am sooooo excited ... and that explains why i gained so much weight and why i already show and its only week 7 !! i am also always peeing and always tired ... and i got the flue and it sucks since i cant take any medication :((

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diane Oct 18, 2005 11:16:55 AM ET

I have a lot of nausea and it lasts through the whole day!!! my breasts are just starting to get sore before that it was my nipples...ouch!!i also have more gas...ewwww......

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Tracy Oct 15, 2005 07:32:37 PM ET

I am 7 wks with my second child. man i am sooo tired all the time and i feel sick to my stomach alot. i did not have any of this with my first one. i feel bad for my son because right now all i wnat to do i lay in bed.

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Christie Sep 25, 2005 01:30:03 PM ET

I have heard that morning sickness is imminent, but i have not had much of it. in fact, i have been feeling fine, other than headaches every now and then. is this normal not to have morning sickness? and the cravings, i have not had that yet either, and is it safe to have chocolate during pregnancy?

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Philippa Sep 13, 2005 07:33:24 AM ET

Pregnancy no. 4 (but 2nd child) and really bloated every time - i look 6 months pregnant !!

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Jen Aug 16, 2005 11:22:50 AM ET

My first pregnancy! no nausea, no cravings, no back pain, but feel bloated. quit smoking--struggling but ok.

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kandace Aug 9, 2005 05:07:14 PM ET

I stay hungry all the time. i find myself living in the bathroom ( having to urinate often). i find if i keep something in my stomach then i do not feel sick. this is my first and very excited!!

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Teriks Jul 8, 2005 05:50:09 PM ET

Severe nausea with vomiting from about 2 to 3 times a day slight back pain every other couple of days. zofran works great for nausea!

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