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danielle Sep 15, 2012 11:28:02 AM ET

This is my first pregnancy and its so weird i'm about 7 weeks according too my dr but i won't know 100% untill i get my ultra sound in a week n a half. i have had a lot of nausea but no pukeing haven't even really felt like i was going too. i feel like i'm starting too show a bit but i'm not positive. i have had a few pains n at first my boobs hurt but anymore they don't. at this point i'm so confused is that normal at all?

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Amber Sep 8, 2012 11:00:38 AM ET

Im 7 weeks today and i been feeling terrible. ive been sent home from work , barely eating, just been terrible. :( the only thing keeping my spirit up is my little bun baking in my oven , lol.

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Shayla Aug 7, 2012 04:03:35 PM ET

I'm 6 weeks and this is my first pregnancy, threw up for the first time this morning,it was gross, been feeling nauseous since my 3-4 week, but other than that and feeling tired all day i'm fine. i've been really hungry and waking up in the middle of the night to eat. i have cramps and a little bit of spotting here and there, but it seems fine. i'm so excited to be a mommy!

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CC Jul 4, 2012 04:14:36 AM ET

I'm in my week 7 today. from week 4 - 6 i was eating like no tomorrow. constant hungry and eat the whole house down but when week 6 hit, i lost my appetite and feel naseau. only puked once but this whole week, i am so tired, out of breath, my blood pressure shoot up and having heaps of cold and hot flashes. my breast been less tender than week 4 and not as sore. going to see midwife tomorrow for first time, so i am very excited. my belly been showing (or i am just fat lol) at week 5 - my trousers don't fit any more and i can't really hide it from my make myself feel better, i have been buying sour face sweeties or vinegar crisps - i normally dont eat normally anything with vinegar but it tasted so fine and made me feel so much better lol!!!! hope this helps.

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amee Jun 28, 2012 10:57:56 AM ET

6 wks preg and no vomiting but my taste is uncontrolled,even if food is not salted i find it very salted,its weird:( a bit lazy,very tired,food craving all the time,tender breasts but not painful..bathroom visit more often.

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sarah Apr 25, 2012 04:10:42 AM ET

Hi im 7 weeks pregnant i was sick last week for a few days but this week i spoke to my naturopath she recommended increasing my carbs and eating more fruit and wahla no more ms she said sometimes we get ms due to nutritional imbalances in our diet also i am wearing my mums power sports band the last 3 days so it could be that ?? don't no but this is my 2nd baby and i feel great on this freezing anzac day yvette mum mum always told me if you can't say nice things then don't say anything god bless all our pregnant mummies to be !!

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Maria Apr 14, 2012 06:11:50 AM ET

7 weeks and 3 days today and my breast hurt even when i walk, dizzines when get out of bed and hungry all the time, waking up several times a night for pee. its my 1st pregnancy but im already showing bit.

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denisha Apr 12, 2012 10:26:17 AM ET

7weeks pregnant when i wake up in the mornings i feel soo sick them though out the day it get better,then when i lay down im knocked out.when im hungry i have to eat right away or i dont want it anymore.

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Leslie Mar 11, 2012 09:51:47 PM ET

7 weeks pregnant today and boy am i sick. i don't throw up but i do get nauseated pretty much all day. i have sore breasts and i'm tired all day (even after i've gotten 12 hours sleep)!! can't wait to meet my little one =) i'm so happy!!

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bianca Feb 28, 2012 12:58:00 PM ET

I have hg, its not a fancy name, it makes u feel like ur hopeless and that u wanna curl up and die. i have been in hospital 3 times in two weeks, vomiting blood because i am soo sick :(( i cant take any tablets orally , only through an iv and nothing fixes it, its now 2am in the morning and i am still vomiting :(

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