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no1rachel Aug 17, 2013 08:49:06 AM ET

Well im going to be a mummy for the first time my other half he over the mood im 8 week and 5 day today

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Libb Jul 22, 2013 03:03:13 PM ET

I'm 8 weeks and 4 days today with my first kiddo due in february! super excited, but i'm so exhausted. my fiance expects me to work out but i'm just too tired to even take a walk around the block without feeling dizzy :/ not sure if this is normal or not. being a new mommy and all

Bek Aug 11, 2013 01:43:45 AM ET

Oh i feel the same way , tired tired and more tired , sleepy and just plain sluggish. this is my 4th though 6 years since my last and much older now or so my body says lol but as i remember this feeling if sooo tired all the time will ease up soon though not fully go away, my advice .. sleep nap and be lazy while you can (keep at least a good walk or two in a day) but otherwise tell yourself you deserve the nap or the rest because our bodies are making new bodies and that's alot of work and soon we will be sleep deprived lol good luck and i hope we all feel better soon lol

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XmasBaby13 May 19, 2013 11:50:51 PM ET

Hey. i'm 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant with 1st baby due xmas day :) im so tired i have to have a 3-4 hour nap a day (i'm sure thats too long to count as a nap lol) and when i'm awake i have little energy. tender breasts. i'm struggling to breath starting few days ago never heard of this symptom before until i googled it but lying in a reclined position insted of flat or sitting is wonderful not the most comfturble in bed though but least i can breath. people say you wee alot but never expected it to be this much. keep getting lightheaded. and sick if i eat anything sweet. everything aches and i started with back pain today (which could be from not lying flat) not wanting to wish my pregnancy away but i can't wait till week 12 when all this is supposed to get easier! i've started getting a mini bump and keep feeling fluttering for past 10days some people have said thats baby and i have heard thats what its supposed to feel like but others have said its way too early to be feeling baby? is anyone else feeling flutterings and what are you putting it down to?

Erin May 20, 2013 02:46:07 PM ET

Oh my! i had to reply. i too have a christmas baby on the way! listen, i'm totally wiped out. i was a work out fanatic. i did an hour and a half of cardio nearly every day! i literally bounced everywhere i went. now? i'm like a gigantic slug! i barely have the energy to walk for 20 minutes. it's totally nuts. lol. pregnancy is a crazy thing! i'm loving every minute of it!

priscilla Jun 6, 2013 05:02:50 PM ET

Hi i a about 8.5 weeks pregnant with my second child and having very much the same as yourself only on my first pregnancy i never experienced any like that. the worst for me is feeling sick lying on my back.i too am feeling flutterings but its great especially as have have been tired and sicky for a while. still loving it though!

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popcorn May 9, 2013 07:42:41 AM ET

I'm 8wks and this is my 3rd pregnancy.i hve so little symptoms i sumtimes forget i'm pregnant.very mild cramps now and then.i knw i should count myself lucky but i get so worried wen i dnt feek flutter in tummy(i do get dat wen i lay down or sit still).hopefully evrything ok until i go for u/s in couple of weeks.

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Samantha Apr 25, 2013 11:38:48 AM ET

This is my first pregnancy, 8 weeks-3 days! been tired, napping, waking up at 3-4 am then going back to sleep until 11 am. managing to get through work. sick when i have an empty stomach, but as soon as i eat it subsides. cramping on and off since 6 weeks.

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Jez Apr 20, 2013 03:35:43 AM ET

I am a little over 8 weeks and my 4th pregnancy. with my other 3 kids i had maybe a week of sickness felt good up until the end when i got all swollen. this time around am a lot older, i am 35. i am sick alllll day. food smell makes me sick. i am extremely tired and cant get enough sleep:) my breast are so super tender and hurt to the touch. and i cant forget the awful bloating:)) i am hoping that it will smooth out soon! but after all that, i feel truly blessed:) i cant wait to see our baby!

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Burbsgirl Mar 7, 2013 09:46:12 PM ET

Too much weight gain! i quit smoking the day i found out and haven't cheated once...that was 5 weeks ago, i am 8 weeks and one day and have gained 13 pounds! a weight gain calculator just called me obese! what do i do? how do i slow down the weight gain? i feel so nauseous without food in my stomach....i promise i am snacking healthy!

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Tbonetjs Feb 26, 2013 12:30:07 PM ET

I'm 8 weeks 4 days. definitely tired and feel particularly bloated by the end of the day. my second pregnancy and i'm really worried about weight gain. i gained 20 with my first and lost it easily but everyone has me scared that you always get fatter with the second and don't lose it as easily or at all. hate when women are negative naysayers!

Momof3tob Mar 21, 2013 09:28:17 PM ET

Don't worry. i only gained 20 with my first and heard the same thing with my second. mainly from the women who were jealous i had shed the weight so fast with my first lol at first i believed them because i did gain more/faster. but let me just tell u i am on baby number 3 and i lost the weight with baby number 2 fastwr than with one. to much in fact! i was so busy breast feeding one and making lunches for the older that i was having trouble remembering to sit down and feed myself lol. forget what "they" say. everyone is different and i'm sure u will be fine if you set your mind to it:)

CTT Jun 17, 2013 05:12:28 AM ET

I agree. i lost weight quicker with my second one between breastfeeding the baby and chasing big brother around. i'm on baby #3 and hoping for the same outcome this time too!

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2birth 3d child Feb 18, 2013 06:20:45 PM ET

I am 7wks 6 day pregnant and have had alk day sickness going on my second week. i also, am very tired have to take a 2 hour nap everyday. my husband and i are soo happy but i can't wait until the sickness ends!!

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Juwana Jan 9, 2013 07:37:00 PM ET

First pregnancy. i'm 8 weeks and i've already gained 2 pounds. i'm scared i'm going to be over my recomended wt. gain. i'm feeling ok. i'm more tired than ussual and pee 1-3 times a night. i exercise about 5 times a week but become fatigued faster. anyone else in the same boat?

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