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Claudia Mar 11, 2011 10:24:18 AM ET

Im just shy of 9 weeks, and the thought of eating is the worst thing in the world. i love food but right now even water tastes bad. the nausea seems worst in the morning and at night, and i have about 4 hours in the middle of the day where i seem to feel somewhat normal. i find eating or drinking citrus fruit/juice helps. and also eating without giving things to much thought. i can't cook as smells drive me crazzzzzy!!! my dreams are definetly bizzare so im tired most of the day from the strange nights...but everyone tells me a few more weeks and things should settle down! goodluck everyone!!

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Amanda Dec 17, 2010 11:15:36 PM ET

Yes i feel the same i am ending my 9th week and feel so overwhelmed the house work seems to do nothing but pile hire and hire i try to do it but my energy is gone i am so tired all the time! i cry alot too i hate this i cant sleep the dreams are weird and have to be in the bathroom every hour at night i try not to drink so much before bed but that is hard because i gert so thirsty and hungry always late at night i just want july to get here. my last preg was a m/c so every day i worry about my baby. i have even had some bleeding with this one which scares me to no end. don't have a dr app till a month from now which makes it all so hard i am so scared!!!

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Barbie Nov 10, 2010 03:04:23 PM ET

So i'm 9 weeks pregnant like the rest of you....or so i beleive. i truly cant remember the date of my last period, can anyone tell me how to find out the exact month of conception or my precise due date?

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Ronita Nov 4, 2010 07:09:44 PM ET

Hi ya'll i am 9 weeks pregnant as of today and like most of you i am being hounded by the nausea and heartburn monsters :-)for some reason i do not end up vomiting a lot but the nausea is there almost 24/7. i am also extremely tired and i have sore feet. it would be good if i could take a nap every once in a while however that ain't happening as am plagued by dreams every time i doze off:-) this is my second pregnancy and it's very different from the first one which was a breeze (except for the labor), but it could be worse right? hang on there ladies, best of luck to all of us. cheers:-)

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Claire Demmer Oct 9, 2010 03:26:31 AM ET

Hi all, am almost 9 weeks pregnant, worried because i lost the last one, and because my boss is threatening to cut my salary because he says he must hire someone else to take up my slack because i am usually on my feet all day and now i have to rest. i also feel very nauseous and tired. will the stress of being on my feet all day doing hard physical stuff make me miscarry again?

Guest Sep 20, 2014 09:10:29 PM ET

It's against the law for him to do that there are state laws in place to protect women during pregnancy.

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Kristin Sep 7, 2010 08:26:50 PM ET

Hello everyone! i completely know how each of you feel.... i to have been experiencing nausea and dizziness. ugh! its no fun! car rides to my college have been awful and i too am scared because this is my first pregnancy! im excited and nervous.... i hope that this morning sickness has or does pass for everyone of you and myself! take care and try to stay positive :) its a miracle in the works!!!!

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lisa Jul 7, 2010 07:19:45 PM ET

Omg i am 9 weeks pregnant and i feel horrible i am always tired and sleepy. omg i am so nauseas nothing like my first pregnancy

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Bobi Jun 15, 2010 03:31:39 PM ET

Hi all, i am just 9 weeks and so excited.... i am nervous though, i have had gastric bypass and can't find much info on my situation... any others out there?

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Anu May 27, 2010 08:54:21 AM ET

Dear readers, im nw 9 weeks pregnant. i had my first ultra sound. my doctor thought i was able to hear the heartbeat of my baby. it was amazing!! everything looks good so far. i'm not feeling nausea, morning sickness etc. so far. i,m taking fruits, veg., drinking water..

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annmarie May 20, 2010 08:48:11 PM ET

Just entered my 9th week. it is my first pregnancy and i'm 39. i haven't felt too bad, i've been a little dizzy in the morning and heartburn hasn't been too fun. but i know it could be much worse. yesterday, i had my first ultra sound. my doctor thought i was a little further along, but i'm only 9 weeks. it really looks like a baby already!! it was very cool! even cooler i was able to hear the heartburn. it was amazing!! everything looks good so far.

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