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Fayleane Dec 6, 2009 11:56:43 PM ET

I'm 9 weeks today, i've just gotten over a full week of all-day sickness, tonsilitis & massive ear aches. this is my 3rd child and it is absolutly, totally different to my 2 girls. i also just recently earlier in the year lost one at the 9 weeks stage so i'm pretty edgy about this one. but i went back to work today and apart from sore feet i'm feeling pretty alright. can't wait to get through the next 3 weeks so i can get back on my horse and go for a ride in my new saddle that arrived the day i found out i was pregnant. (hubby wouldn't even let me just sit on a horse with so ladies good luck, stay healthy & happy days, i know i have this feeling that my next 7 months are going to be great & i wish the same for you all. fist time mum's, enjoy it, aside from the nausea it's a beautiful feeling being pregnant.

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Betty Dec 4, 2009 06:04:29 AM ET

Hi ladies, i'm 8 weeks, 3 days and scared out of my wits. it's my first. even though i have a loving bf and the advantage of age on my side (i'm 34), i'm still freaking out. are you feeling the same? how do you deal? love to all.

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Vanessa Nov 17, 2009 09:05:06 AM ET

I know for sure that i am pregnant ...4 home pregnancy test have proved it...just not sure how last period was 9/5...i didn't not get a period in october instead i was in the er with gallbladder pain on 10/20 and had a negative hcg. however my boyfriends and i started to "try" around 10/23 or idea was no period no ovulation so i figured that once my period started again would be when we should actually count days till ovulation...we took another test on 11/2 when still no period and again negative..i was feeling sort of bloated and very irritable so i figured my period was on its my surprise on 11/13 i started experiencing nausea and dizziness so we took another test this time the ept was my first time ever using a digital one and i was so amazed by the little hour glass that had been flahing..anyhow to make a long story short i was expecting to see the words "not pregnant" instead i see "pregnant"...i thought it could be a mistake so i went to the store and followed with 3 more "pregnant" how far along does this make me?...does this mean that even though i had no period i still ovulated?...i am so confused.

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Quishanna Oct 6, 2009 09:13:34 PM ET

I am officially 8 weeks and 1 day today, and i feel somewhat horrible. the worst part about this pregnancy for me is that i am always nauseated and i cannot hold anything down. i am a senior in college and it is becoming harder for me to focus, but i am steadily making it through. luckily my fiance has been very supportive, and has yet to miss a doctor's visit. he even gets permission from his police sgt. to come and drop me off stacks in between class. just remain positive ladies! its all for the love of our new arrivals. . .

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Suyen Sep 24, 2009 01:48:15 PM ET

For the nausea, i bought these motion sickness wrist bands at the drug store. i'm not sure if they are truly working or if it's the placebo effect taking place, but i felt better yesterday. the only issue i had is that they are so tight they felt like they were cutting off the blood flow to my hands, so i had to take them off for a bit. i've also tried eating crackers and drinking ginger ale.

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Tori Aug 10, 2009 10:55:00 AM ET

You're not alone angel. i am 9 weeks and feel the exact same as you do. as i sit here at my desk at work i want nothing more than to go home to my bed. i am sooo nauseous, exhausted and have heartburn from hell. its all worth it, its for our baby :) i hope you feel better soon.. i hear it gets better in a few weeks.

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amy Mar 2, 2007 11:32:06 PM ET

Hi, i am also experiencing much nausea and sickness. i have found not getting up quickly, sipping sprite or water until the nausea passes then dry toast has been working--most of the time. best wishes.

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Kibby Oct 12, 2006 10:58:05 AM ET are not alone. this is my 4th pregnancy (week 9) and i am really sick with nausea. i can hardly stand to brush my teeth. drink lots of herbal tea...peppermint.

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emily Jul 16, 2006 10:54:13 AM ET

Jennifer, i have been on progesterone supositoties for 3 weeks now. mine was only a 9 when my doctor put me on them. your doctor can give you supositories to help with your progesterone. good luck.

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Jennifer Aug 6, 2005 09:38:02 PM ET

Right now i am worried since my progesterone level was low for 3 weeks, it just shot up to 12.0. the doctor said were not out of the woods till 12wks.

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