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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

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Calculate how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy, even if you are pregnant with twins, and get practical advice for managing your weight during pregnancy.



How tall are you?

Are you carrying twins?

If you are wondering how much weight you should gain during pregnancy, the answer depends on your pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI), which is calculated using your age and height. While not perfect science, the results will depend on whether you are medically considered obese, average, or underweight. Keeping track of your weight with our calculator can help you achieve a healthy pregnancy, reducing complications for both you and your precious baby. Baby Corner is here to help! With articles, tools, and a supportive community of women with concerns just like you we can help answer your questions, and help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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Join us today and keep track of weight gain each week.


Read about others' weight gain journey in the comments section below, share yours, or feel free to just vent.

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Pregnancy Weight Gain Discussion

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Guest Apr 6, 2018 12:13:57 PM ET

I'm 5'7 now 180 pounds! i've gained right at 30 pounds and i'm starting week 33. i've continued to work out, but my diet has pretty much been out of control lol. all this baby wants is cake! i am trying to be conscious of my food choices but its tough!

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Jenn Mar 2, 2018 03:08:11 AM ET

I started out pre-pregnancy 5'7" 126 lbs. have been horribly nauseous the whole time, and the month of december dropped down to 104 lbs. finally, my doctor put me on zofran, which helps a bit, but only for a short time after i take it, then nauseous again. i'm in week 19 and around 111 lbs now. so i have gained weight, kind of... bad? good? thoughts? anyone else have this experience?

Kayla Mar 15, 2018 03:29:18 AM ET

I'm on my third pregnancy and have lost weight with all 3. about 20 lbs with each. my doctor told me as long as the baby is at a healthy weight, baby is growing on schedule, everything is fine.

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Lilly Feb 10, 2018 02:38:40 PM ET

I am 26 weeks and have already gained 33 pounds as of a couple days ago. i weighed 110 at 5'2" before i was pregnant. i now weigh 143. is this too much? i'm scared i won't be able to lose it all. why am i gaining so much weight?

S Feb 14, 2018 03:26:21 AM ET

It could, more than likely, be water retention. there can be a lot of it. i've lost 10- 15 lbs in the first week after delivering both my kids.

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Zee Jan 9, 2018 01:14:06 PM ET

I am 10 weeks pregnant. i started with 156 pounds and now i am 160. is that normal weight gain?

Kenzie Mar 3, 2018 08:16:29 AM ET

Not typically. but at 10 weeks, you are 3 weeks away from #2 trimester, and they say 2-4 lbs is normal range. but, to me it sounds like you are putting it on a little faster than recommended.

Missy Mar 19, 2018 01:52:17 PM ET

There isn't a normal. it depends on your body's needs. my first pregnancy i gained 10lbs, my first tri but i was 18 and had a six pack . my body needed some storage. lol this pregnancy, i started at 155 (10lbs more than my first as i am now 25 years old) and i actually got really sick and lost all the way down to weighing 142lbs. finally, just now at 21 weeks started to gain a couple pounds but, still under my pre prego weight. long story longer, 4 even pounds in the first tri sounds perfectly fine to me. believe me, it gets extremely low or high and still those baby's are fine. also, at the end of the day if your doc isn't worried and you have done a good job at choosing your obgyn, i would trust them and stop worrying. the stress is bad for baby more than any weight gain.

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Anna Nov 30, 2017 03:27:31 PM ET

I am 32 weeks. pre pregnancy weight was 108 lbs and i weigh 121 now. 13 lbs so far, it seems like such little weight but, my dr seems okay and everything is measuring great! 8 more weeks till we meet jacelyn

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Aliza Nov 15, 2017 10:57:12 PM ET

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and my weight is 170 pounds. befor pregnancy i was 115 pounds. now i have pre-diabetes.

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Amanda Nov 13, 2017 12:17:05 PM ET

I am 30 weeks and i'm down 25 scale pounds from when i found out i was pregnant. i have been eating clean and exercising but, my baby is perfect size. if you have fat to lose, it is very possible to lose fat while gaining baby. as long as i am taking in enough calories, i am happy to be getting smaller everywhere but my belly.

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Michele Nov 8, 2017 08:22:18 AM ET

I'm 21 weeks and have only gained 2 lbs. i needed to lose weight before i got pregnant and was trying to. i weigh 174 now. but, i walk every day and stay active. 20 weeks, baby weighed 11 ounces. i'm just trying to watch what i eat so i don't gain a ton. as long as i'm being healthy.

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Wah Nov 2, 2017 04:53:32 PM ET

I am 118 and i started at 115. i am 21 weeks. i just don't want the baby to be underweight. last week he was measuring ahead but, a couple days less ahead than before. i am jealous of everyone that has gained.

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Zara Oct 15, 2017 05:57:26 PM ET

5ft2 and i have gained 37lbs. i am only 34 weeks pregnant .

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