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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

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Calculate how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy, even if you are pregnant with twins. This calculator will also estimate how much weight you should have gained to date, and will give you practical advice for managing your weight during pregnancy.

What was your weight before pregnancy?

What is your current weight?

How tall are you?
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How many weeks pregnant are you now?

Are you carrying twins?
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Pregnancy Weight Gain Discussion

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Christian Sep 11, 2014 02:20:36 PM ET

I'm 5'5 and started out at 133 lbs, and now i'm 28 weeks and 5 days, and weigh 157 lbs. am i gaining too much?

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Trish Sep 10, 2014 07:19:00 PM ET

I think this just told me i"m fat! 7 pounds over the high end of of my target weight range. i'm 5'5 122 lbs pre-pregnancy, and today i'm 138. i'm having twins!

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erika Sep 10, 2014 03:12:48 PM ET

With my first pregnancy, i started out at 125 lbs, and delivered full term at 180 lbs. she was 7.3 lbs. now i'm 32 weeks pregnant with my second, and i started out 125. now, i'm only at 150 lbs. i think it's because with my first i had a car, and i was always sitting an eating. with this one, i'm always on the go an eating.

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trisha Sep 9, 2014 09:14:28 AM ET

I am 29 and a half weeks today. i started at 192 lbs and went to 186 in the first months. but, recently two weeks ago i started gaining weight. i now weigh 201. i'm 5'7. is it too much too fast?

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sara Sep 9, 2014 03:47:46 AM ET

Hey there...i'm so much worried about ma present weight. i'm 5.4 and was 49 kg. it's my first pregnancy, and i don't know how much weight is good for me. it's my 23rd week, and i'm just 54 kg. is this normal? my tummy is also not that fat, but the doctor says my baby is fine. i'm expecting a baby boy. is there any difference between baby girl or boy pregnancy? i'm so worried so, kindly help me. also, tell me how many calories do i need in a day? is eating tahini good in 6th month ok?.

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Jade Sep 7, 2014 07:17:18 PM ET

I'm 34 weeks and weigh 160-170 lbs. i weighed about 130 when i was first pregnant. my doctor said that if i was gaining 5 pounds every time i came to visit, that it wasn't a bad thing, but that i was just going to have a big baby. and now, i'm 34 weeks, i've only gained 1-2 pounds at every office visit, and my baby is around 5 lbs. he will be 8 pounds when i deliver. weight gain varies on your health before you were pregnant, if you were obese, then you shouldn't gain more than 20-30 pounds.

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Nadia Sep 5, 2014 12:35:31 PM ET

I'm 5'3 and i started at 138. i went down to 128 during my first trimester. now i'm at 33 weeks and 2 days, and i'm 137 lbs. the doctor said my baby is growing just fine, but i'm not getting the nutrients i need because i've had morning sickness during the first and now third trimester. she now considers me a high risk pregnancy. i started having contractions, and she immediately asked me to come in. hope everything's ok.

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molly Sep 4, 2014 05:25:51 PM ET

I'm 5'2" and i gained 9 lbs on my 24th week with my second child. it's hard to accept the numbers rising on the scale.

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Andrea Sep 4, 2014 12:49:31 AM ET

I'm 5'3" and was 186. i'm at 11 weeks and only weigh 180. funny thing is that i eat.

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Courtney Gore Sep 3, 2014 11:27:18 AM ET

I'm 5'4 and started at 117 lbs. i'm 22 weeks and weight 122.9. i'm seeing my ob tomorrow for the first time, and i'm worried she's going to tell me i'm underweight for how far along i am. this is my first child. any thoughts?

Elizabeth Sep 4, 2014 07:41:51 AM ET

According to this calculator, you should weigh between 127 and 131 lbs. did you have bad morning sickness? an eating disorder? she might suggest gaining a bit more, and will give you tips for doing so. don't be worried. it can be corrected! that is what she's there for.

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