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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

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Calculate how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy, even if you are pregnant with twins. This calculator will also estimate how much weight you should have gained to date, and will give you practical advice for managing your weight during pregnancy.

What was your weight before pregnancy?

What is your current weight?

How tall are you?
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How many weeks pregnant are you now?

Are you carrying twins?
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Pregnancy Weight Gain Discussion

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Isabel Nov 17, 2014 10:04:59 PM ET

Before i got pregnant, i weighed 125 pounds, and now i'm 167 pounds. i'm 31 weeks pregnant and i am overweight. is it bad? please help me.

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Guest Nov 16, 2014 11:43:17 AM ET

I weighed 169 lbs before pregnancy. now i'm 23 weeks and have been weighing in at 172 lbs for the past 2 months.

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Guest Nov 12, 2014 03:41:40 PM ET

I'm 26 weeks pregnant. before my pregnancy, i was 120 pounds. i'm now at 152 pounds. every time i go see my ob it seems like the pounds jump to a bigger number lol. she told me it's normal and that i'm healthy, but i still feel like a whale at times. lol

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Marsha Buchanan Nov 5, 2014 10:08:10 PM ET

I am 40 weeks, and during my entire pregnancy, i have only gained 8 lbs. i have been stuck at 150 for the past three months. what could be the cause of that?

Guest Nov 11, 2014 10:38:41 PM ET

Where were you on the scale of health at the beginning of your pregnancy? did you start out at a healthy weight? underweight? overweight? those play a big factor. my sister in law was over weight and only gained 12 lbs with her first. she was still overweight with baby number two and ended up losing 3 lbs by the end of her pregnancy with no weight gain. if you are healthy and your doctor hasn't had a concern, i wouldn't worry to much. baby's are pretty resilient, don't stress because that isn't going to help with labor at all. good luck and congrats. :)

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guest Nov 3, 2014 06:18:49 PM ET

I am 5'8", and started off at 131 lbs. now, i am 142 lbs at 20 weeks and 3 days. i feel huge. am i too big?

guest Nov 7, 2014 11:07:57 AM ET

I am 28 years old and i was 127 lbs and 5'8 before. now, i'm 134 lbs at just 11 weeks. i don't think you're too big at all. breastfeeding burns about 1,000 calories a day so you need to build up excess fat for a healthy pregnancy.

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anna Nov 1, 2014 02:06:59 AM ET

I went from 132 lbs to 184 lbs with my first. i'm 38 weeks, and i started off at 135 lbs and i'm now 156 lbs. should i be worried that i'm not gaining anything close to the amount i did the first time?

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Guest Oct 30, 2014 02:42:40 PM ET

I am not a big fan of gaining weight or going over my weight limit of 130 pounds. but, i have gained 40 pounds since i got pregnant, and i'm just now 22 weeks. i don't know what to do!!

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Guest Oct 29, 2014 10:29:48 PM ET

I am 24 weeks and 5 days with twins, and i lost 6 pounds. i don't know if its good or bad.

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haley Oct 29, 2014 12:56:48 PM ET

I am 37 weeks pregnant and weigh 162 lbs. i weighed 130 lbs before i got pregnant. is that normal?

Guest Nov 10, 2014 04:45:22 PM ET

I'm also 37 weeks. i weighed 134 lbs before, and now i weigh 184 lbs. so, i would say that your weight gain is much more normal than mine. i'm so worried about getting rid of 50+ lbs worth of weight post-pregnancy.

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guest Oct 22, 2014 09:32:13 PM ET

I'm 5'4" and weigh 122 pounds. i was just wondering if anyone could help me. what kind of exercises should i do? what is the best diet? i am a very lazy, but i want to do everything i can to have a healthy baby.

Guest Nov 2, 2014 03:46:33 PM ET

I am 32 weeks along and have found yoga to be enormously helpful in keeping my lower back, hips and entire body comfortable and strong. i try to do it in the morning. it's made the pregnancy easier overall without totally wiping out my energy.

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