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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 105

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Marian Jun 16, 2011 06:01:44 PM ET

I'm 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant and i've gained about 16 lbs. which is normal.

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riesh Jun 15, 2011 06:04:56 PM ET

I'm 32 weeks today and i've gained about 27 lbs.

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Amy Jun 15, 2011 01:25:45 PM ET

I am 5'3" and weighed 123 before pregnancy (25% body fat, which is more important of a number than weight). i was also on a regular 3-4 day a week workout routine, which i still continue but at an easier pregnancy pace. i always worried that becoming pregnant would un-do all my hard work, but i've only gained 6 pounds by 19 weeks!

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bonnie Jun 13, 2011 03:07:44 PM ET

I'm 19 weeks and have gained 20! i'm not super worried. i've finally started eating healthy again.i am one of those people who gets hungry when i don't feel good so i ate a ton the first few months.

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Emily Jun 11, 2011 11:58:34 PM ET

I am concidered obese. i have lost 15lbs this pregnancy and have only gained 1lb back. i am at my 23 week mark and still have only gained 1lb of the 15 i have lost. i hope this is okay.

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Alison Jun 9, 2011 01:47:53 PM ET

Im 26 weeks and have gained 23 lbs. i started at 130 and am now at 153.

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Rachel Jun 8, 2011 01:06:01 PM ET

Im 16 wks 2mor. & im 134 & 5'6 & i started out @ 135 so according to this im under weight by 6 lbs. this is my second child with my first i went from 123 to 167 so my dr. asked me if i was not gaining weight on purpose & of course im not gaining on purpose i just have a 2 1/2 yr old i chase after who wants a bite of what ever im eating & i work a full time job plus i try to walk an hr. every night... but with my son i didn't start gaining weight until the last two wks then i just blew up hope to gain more gradually this time...

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crystal m Jun 8, 2011 10:05:23 AM ET

I am 9 lbs over my high end weight gain and i am so nervous about this. i am having twins and i was told i had to gain between 45-54 lbs and if i am over now what am i gonna look like 9 mos pregnant? i am almost 25 weeks and i have gained 33 lbs so scared!

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tiffany Jun 7, 2011 07:28:22 PM ET

Im 16 weeks and have already gained 15 lbs during this pregnancy and only recently started eating a lil more than i used to before pregnancy. i was 145 before got prego and now im 160-162 keeps flucuating. it is my 4th pregnancy. hoping thats why. i feel sooooo fat!

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Tanya Jun 7, 2011 12:16:23 PM ET

I am 23 weeks pregnant today and i have gained 11 lb which is average according to many things i have read in books and online! so am not worrying too much , i am watching what i eat but at the same time enjoying being pregnant :) i reckon everyone different and we shouldnt worry about it too much, but if you are worrying checking with your gp will put your mind at rest!! good luck all you pregnant ladies out there :) x

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