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Tanya Jun 7, 2011 12:16:23 PM ET

I am 23 weeks pregnant today and i have gained 11 lb which is average according to many things i have read in books and online! so am not worrying too much , i am watching what i eat but at the same time enjoying being pregnant :) i reckon everyone different and we shouldnt worry about it too much, but if you are worrying checking with your gp will put your mind at rest!! good luck all you pregnant ladies out there :) x

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brit Jun 6, 2011 09:16:59 PM ET

I am 31 weeks and have gained 19lbs so far... i feel huge. still working 40hrs a week and still refuse to wear maternity pants, so i still just do the hairtye around the button thing (: although i have had to buy maternity shirts due to the huge watermelon poking out of me. is 19lbs normal or too much? i just feel huge /: so ready to get him outttt!

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Shasta Jun 5, 2011 06:21:18 PM ET

This is my 2nd pregnancy and started it at 160lbs and i'm 5'2". i am 20 weeks and i have gained 3 lbs. i gained exactly 35 lbs with my 1st. i walk for at least 1/2 hour a day and try to eat healthy (we all know that all of us have our weak moments). good luck to all with your pregnancies and i wish you all happy & healthy babies!

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Heather Jun 5, 2011 10:41:14 AM ET

I will be 26 weeks in a couple of days. i gained a total of 17.2 pounds so far. before this pregnancy i weighed 182. i am now at 199. this is my third pregnancy. my first i was only 19 years old and weighed 130 and went up to 170...gained 40. my second i was 165 and went up to 219! this pregnancy i still have morning sickness and food and smells make me so sick. hopefully i will only gained about 13 more pounds. hahaha.

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Lindsey Jun 3, 2011 10:01:42 AM ET

I am 17 weeks, but i have already gained 12 pounds. i have been watching what i eat the past few weeks, but i do not exercise like i should. the temperature here has been in the triple digits, so it is hard to do anything outside. i guess i need to invest in a good maternity workout dvd to do indoors. i also hope i can start swimming once my in-laws get their pool fixed.

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Jana Jun 2, 2011 04:02:10 PM ET

I am 25 weeks pregnant and have gained 16 pounds ( my son is already 1 lb 11 oz ) so he is already getting big! i am pretty tall and not in perfect shape but i wasnt overweight before i got pregnant ( size 5 or 7 ) i have a feeling i am going to be gaining alot over the next 14 weeks -

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Tricia Jun 1, 2011 11:39:42 AM ET

I'm 27 weeks today. i lost 5 lbs my first trimester, and now i'm starting my third trimester and i'm still 3 lbs less than i was when i got pregnant. i'm eating healthy and walking but not gaining anything.

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susie May 31, 2011 11:18:48 PM ET

I'm in my 25th week and i've gained 20 pounds, but i am 5'9" and started out at 127. probably eating a little too much but i eat healthy and baby wants it!

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Sarah May 30, 2011 05:16:58 PM ET

I have been really concearned with my weight gain. this is my first baby and im 22 weeks along. for the first 18 weeks gained only 7 lbs. they said that was pretty normal.. i went to my last appointment on friday and somewhere i picked up an extra 12 lbs. in that time. my eating habits haven't changed for the worst actually i have been eating less (not so hungry all the time anymore) but i don't understand if im treating myself better how come i'm gaining more weight? my mom says not to worry it's all for the baby, and a healthy baby is what matters, but i still feel really uncomfortable with gaining so much weight in such little time. anyone have an explination, or help?

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Ashley May 28, 2011 10:20:10 AM ET

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my first child (girl!). i am 5'7" & weighed 130 lbs at 6 weeks and am now 149 lbs. my doctor told me that every woman's body "does" pregnancy differently, so do not worry about gaining too much weight. as long as you are eating healthy and avoiding the couch potato thing, you will be just fine. he also told me that for my height, my body will do just fine carrying the weight (taller ladies will more evenly distribute their weight). :)

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