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Guest Jan 5, 2015 08:55:13 PM ET

So i'm 35 and just had our daughter a year ago on news years day. i'm currently 15 weeks along with baby #4. i am 5'2" and i was 122 lbs when i got pregnant this time around. i was just starting to feel good about myself and fitting into some of my old clothes and now here i am with a baby bump again. today, at my check up, my doctor told me i need to watch my weight because i've gained too much since my last visit. i weighed in today at 136 lbs needless to say i'm feeling a little defeated and upset that i'm going to be this big blimp. getting my figure back has not been as easy as it was when i was in my 20's with our first 2. isn't there a little slack given for back to back pregnancies, or is my body just cursed and along for this wild ride? i eat good and light. i also use my treadmill. i don't know what else to do.

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sparkle Jan 5, 2015 03:16:06 PM ET

I'm 5'2". my prepregnancy weight was 105 lbs. i'm 31 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and weigh 127. i'm at the higher end, so i hope i don't get much bigger.

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vero Jan 2, 2015 01:33:00 PM ET

I was 146lbs and 5'4" prepregnancy. according to this i'm over weight, but i am not according to my doctor and my husband who is a trainer. i am pretty lean. i lost quite a bit due to morning sickness. i am currently 135 lbs at 14 weeks.

Guest Jan 5, 2015 12:47:03 PM ET

I wouldn't worry about it. i don't think they take into account how much muscle could weigh vs. weight in fat. i remember taking a class in college when i was super thin, and i was still considered "over weight". try to eat small snacks throughout the day to keep the nausea at bay. good luck!

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Ali Jan 1, 2015 03:41:53 PM ET

I started at 118 lbs and i now weigh 132 lbs at 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant. how much will i weigh at the end? i'm worried.

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tiana89 Dec 31, 2014 11:26:04 PM ET

Ok, so i'm almost 20 weeks and i've gained 6 pounds already and it's not the baby. it' just my poor eating habits. i'm very paranoid and self conscious about my weight, so i'm kinda bummed i'm already starting to gain. but food looks so good. :(. i did some research and i'm only supposed to gain 15 to 25 lbs. i was aiming for only gaining 15 lbs. i'm already half way there, so i'm pretty sure i'm going to go over. is anyone else freaking out about gaining? am i overreacting? is/was my weight gain goal unrealistic? is it normal to start gaining this early? i was hoping to not gain until at least 6 months :/. that's not happening.

Guest Jan 4, 2015 12:15:22 PM ET

Stressing over weight gain during pregnancy is pointless really and as your doctor will tell you, very unhealthy. don't set a weight gain goal just start eating healthy that's about all you can do. certain foods will look better depending on what vitamins and what not the baby is needing. i craved grapefruit a lot during this (my second ) pregnancy because i had low vitamin c. every woman gains weight different during pregnancy and 15 pounds seems really unhealthy to me. if your body doesn't pack on extra weight other than baby weight then your body will be aching like hell. you have increased blood flow right now, at 20 weeks you have an extra 2 pounds of blood flowing through your body and your body starts retaining more water. before you stress yourself out do some research on what exactly your body is doing at this point in your pregnancy.

Guest Jan 5, 2015 01:30:06 AM ET

Your weight goals seem a bit unrealistic. a 25-35 lb weight gain is average (if not low based on my friends). i am 25 weeks pregnant, and have gained 11 lbs. no one likes gaining weight, but the baby needs it!! you will lose it afterwards, don't worry. just focus on doing what's right for the baby right now. best wishes!

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guest Dec 26, 2014 10:28:23 PM ET

I'm 5'10 and was 105 lbs before pregnancy. i'm now 138 lbs at 20 weeks. it's all in my belly and boobs. at first i was happy because i was underweight to start with, and couldn't gain. but, now i think it's gone a little too far.

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Kat Dec 19, 2014 11:48:29 AM ET

I'm 5'5", and before pregnancy i weighed 155. then, morning sickness took me down to 150 lbs. i went to the doctor today, and at 24 weeks pregnant i weigh 164, and measuring 24". my doctor says everything is on track, and that i've been "taking good care" of myself. but, this calculator says that i'm over weight by two pounds.

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Abby Dec 15, 2014 03:29:53 PM ET

Before pregnancy, i weighed 165 lbs. i am now just above 140 lbs at almost six months pregnant because i've been so sick with hyperemesis gravidarum. i have had to be hospitalized for dehydration, but the anti-nausea medications made me even sicker and gave me total food aversions. i am finally starting to eat again, but i am so weak, and i am on total bed rest. i need to start gaining weight, but it is not easy to eat more food when everything makes me sick. just eating a small meal or two during the day is the most i can handle, and even that sometimes comes up. despite this, the baby is actually a pretty good size and has been moving around a lot. i have felt him since week 14, and this is my first baby. has anyone else with hyperemesis found something to help them gain weight despite the constant nausea, vomiting, and food aversions? please do not say ginger or crackers or acupressure; we are so past that. i also have a gastrointestinal bleed, which also causes me to have severe diarrhea with large blood clots 10-12 times a day and lose a lot of fluid. my gastroenterologist cannot do anything for this until after the baby is born, so i have to out up with that for now. i'm sure my 25 pound loss in 5 months is from a combination of these issues.

Guest Dec 15, 2014 09:31:27 PM ET

Omg, i feel your pain. i had hyperemesis with both of my pregnancies. now, with my third, i have it worse than ever. i've also been hospitalized this time around. it's a complete nightmare. i can't stand it when people tell me to sniff peppermint or eat a banana every morning and that will solve my problems. obviously they have never experienced this. it's completely different than regular morning sickness. it's completely debilitating. i don't have a good answer for you. i started to feel better the last 2 times around month 7. until then, nothing worked. i bought cds with sounds to help, ginger, acupuncture, b12, seabands, zofran, etc. nothing works when it's bad. i feel for you as i have been there.

Guest Dec 23, 2014 07:55:45 PM ET

Hi dear. i am 25 weeks along, and have suffered from hypermesis gravidarum since week 4. i too was hospitalized 6 times. i had a picc line in my arm. i also lost a lot of weight. at my 20 week anatomy scan, my high risk pregnancy doctor gave me a generous sample of diclegis, which is a combination of unisom and vitamin b6, (which i have tried before without luck) but delayed release. i started to take 2 pills at bed time and had a zofran the next morning, and i finally started to eat. before, i would take zofran, which took care of the vomiting part, but it never touched my nausea, which made the food very unappealing to me. i gained my weight back and packed a few extra lbs. it was probably the weight that i had lost was due to dehydration (you can lose the fluid, but not actual fat). anyways, i started to feel better since i started to take the diclegis. i just hope this hypermesis would go away for good so i don't have to take any medication at all. i hope you will feel better soon!

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Abigail Dec 12, 2014 05:13:30 PM ET

I'm 26 weeks pregnant. i started at 115 lbs, and i'm now 127 lbs, gaining steadily week by week. everyone's gain is different. i know a girl who has gained a lot more than me. i eat fairly healthy and scoffs the odd few chocs!! as long as it's all in moderation then everyone should be happy yummy mummies to be. :)

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Guest Dec 11, 2014 03:35:06 AM ET

I'm 5'9" and i started my pregnancy at 123lbs, i am 31 weeks now and 159 lbs. my doctor says i need to watch my weight, but it is all in my belly. i am a vegetarian and eat pretty healthy, plus i walk a lot and work out a little. i was hardly even showing until about a month ago and then i just popped. we always have large babies in my family and i am starving all the time. i don't want to have to limit myself if i'm hungry. i want to eat! people say i look small for 31 weeks and wearing a size small in maternity clothing, but after the doctor visit i feel really self-conscious. am i gaining too much weight?! also, my blood sugar and blood pressure are both good.

Guest Dec 30, 2014 11:18:27 AM ET

Omg, you are like my exact twin. i'm also 31 weeks with your same pre-weight and current weight gain. i feel really self conscious too because i have to eat when i feel hungry or else i will get so sick and nauseous. i am still in a size small maternity, and all my weight is in my stomach. i hope i don't end up weighing 179 pounds.

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