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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 17

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Via Nov 24, 2014 02:49:34 AM ET

With my first child, i gained 40lbs. i am 22 weeks with my second child, and now i gained 4 more lbs. ah! but, the real frustrating moment is when your husband decides to lose weight during the pregnancy dropping 35 lbs. lol. i am happy for him, but geeeezzzzz.

Guest Dec 2, 2014 08:45:36 PM ET

Omg, that is so me right now!! i'm 14 weeks and the hubby is on his third month of dieting and eating "better" lol. lord!!! me gaining it... him loosing it!

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worried I'm not gaining weight Nov 23, 2014 09:28:28 PM ET

I'm 9 weeks pregnant. before i found out that i was pregnant, i weighed 134 lbs. i was wondering, what should i weigh now?

Guest Nov 26, 2014 06:02:18 AM ET

At 9 weeks, i weighed minus 2 pounds, and my start weight was 135 lbs. a lot of people don't put on anything in the first trimester so there's no need to fret. the weight will come when baby gets bigger. at 33 weeks i'm now 20 lbs heavier.

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allana Nov 23, 2014 03:08:08 PM ET

I am only about 5 weeks pregnant and i have already gained about 8 lbs. i'm unsure if this is normal. i am only 5'5 and started at 140 lbs. i just dropped a lot of my previous baby weight, and i don't really want to have to worry about dropping 60 lbs after giving birth to bundle of joy number three. lol :) so, any diet and exercise advice would be very helpful. thank you in an advance for all the replies.

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amber Nov 22, 2014 05:06:53 PM ET

I'm 30 weeks and i weighed 120 lbs before i got pregnant, and now i'm only 137 lbs. is that god, because with my first i gained 45 pounds.

deb Nov 24, 2014 12:54:16 PM ET

This is my circumstance too. i'm only 137 lbs at 32 weeks, and i started out at 120 lbs. i'm all baby. it's getting so uncomfortable. i constantly feel like i'm going to pop open. lol

Guest Nov 24, 2014 06:50:29 PM ET

Yes, they say a weight gain of 15 - 25 is ideal.

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n. carter Nov 21, 2014 05:01:04 PM ET

I am 5 feet 0 inches and 37 weeks pregnant. i weighed 90 lbs before pregnancy, and i am now 120 lbs. i cannot breath unless i am standing.

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Guest Nov 20, 2014 09:51:37 AM ET

I am pregnant with my second child. i am only 5 weeks and 6 days. i have gained 6 lbs already. i'm freaking out because i literally gained 55 lbs with my first, and right before i got pregnant i was finally only 10 lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. i have never been overweight, so i am just stressing out about this situation the most. i don't know what to do besides stay active and not eat as much?!

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tasha Nov 19, 2014 06:06:49 PM ET

Before i got pregnant, i weighed 200 lbs. now, i weigh 213-214 lbs and i'm 22 weeks pregnant. i'm 5'5 or 5'6.

Cate Nov 23, 2014 12:20:07 PM ET

Do you feel like you have lost weight, because the average person gains so much more?

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Isabel Nov 17, 2014 10:04:59 PM ET

Before i got pregnant, i weighed 125 pounds, and now i'm 167 pounds. i'm 31 weeks pregnant and i am overweight. is it bad? please help me.

Guest Nov 19, 2014 10:42:19 AM ET

It is pretty high. i was 124 lbs prepregnancy, and now at 29 weeks, i'm 144 lbs, which is right on target. but, 2 more lbs and i'll be overweight. what i suggest is, increase your activity level, walk a lot, and when you're exercising satisfy your cravings. never eat when you're laying around or right before bedtime. when you get hungry at night, drink juice, eat yogurt, fruits pudding, something light, not too solid. try to avoid lots of rice, bread, tortillas, stuff like that. save that for when you're very very active during the day. remember that being overweight can put you and your baby at risk. i was heavier during my other pregnancies, and it was so much harder for me to breath and sleep at night. my blood pressure would go up temporarily while cleaning or something, and i would black out, and other things like that. it's so much better and healthier when you're at your healthy target weight. i hope this helps!

Guest Nov 20, 2014 09:52:32 AM ET

I think you're fine. i weighed 135 lbs and now i'm 160 lbs, and i am 30 weeks. this webpage tells me i'm overweight too, but everyone is different. if you plan on breastfeeding, most of this baby weight will come off. plus, if you've gained a substantial amount of weight, you just might deliver early. your baby may feel too tight in there and may want out a little early. good luck. but, i'm sure you will be fine.

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Guest Nov 16, 2014 11:43:17 AM ET

I weighed 169 lbs before pregnancy. now i'm 23 weeks and have been weighing in at 172 lbs for the past 2 months.

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Guest Nov 12, 2014 03:41:40 PM ET

I'm 26 weeks pregnant. before my pregnancy, i was 120 pounds. i'm now at 152 pounds. every time i go see my ob it seems like the pounds jump to a bigger number lol. she told me it's normal and that i'm healthy, but i still feel like a whale at times. lol

Guest Jan 16, 2015 08:33:08 AM ET

Same here! i'm 25 weeks and i'm 154 lbs! i started out at 123 lbs, and only 4 weeks ago i was 142 lbs. i feel like a big piece of lard. lol

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