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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 20

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Betsy Aug 17, 2014 07:59:06 PM ET

I weighed 108 before i was pregnant. i'm 26 weeks and my weight is now 126.

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Krystal Aug 14, 2014 07:28:25 AM ET

I'm 5'1 and my pre-pregnancy weight was 117. i'm currently 26 weeks and weigh 136 now. i feel so fat at times because three years prior to this pregnancy, i weighed 258 pounds and lost it all in 10 months with strict diet and exercise. i went down to 105 pounds but gained muscle mass to get to 117 and be toned. now i see the scale rising and just think oh lord i gotta do this all over again. but at least my baby girl is healthy. :) this is my third baby

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Erika Aug 13, 2014 08:03:21 PM ET

I started at 126lbs, 31 weeks along weighing 143 pounds. i've been working straight through so i get enough exercise and walk everyday. feet are sore at the end of the day , however it's helping me not gain too much.

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KathrynL Aug 13, 2014 12:41:19 AM ET

I weighed 116lbs before pregnancy. i am 5 ft. 2 in. tall. i am currently 34 and a half weeks and weigh 145lbs. that's 29 lbs that i've gained. yikes!

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Guest Aug 11, 2014 05:25:29 PM ET

I was around 139lbs before pregnancy. i'm 5'4, 16 weeks along, and weigh 143lbs. is this too much at this stage with it being quite early?

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tay Aug 11, 2014 01:20:16 PM ET

I started out pre-pregnancy 142 lbs and now i'm 14 weeks and weigh 153 lbs. i'm really worried, and don't want to put on the pounds so fast.

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Nina Wiggins Aug 11, 2014 05:00:04 AM ET

I am 14 weeks 3 days pregnant, and have already gained 20lbs. but, i always gain a lot of weight while pregnant, and have had 6 healthy babies with no complications. however, my last pregnancy i gave birth to a 33 weeker who weighed in at 5lbs 2oz and only stayed at the hospital for a week exactly!

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Guest Aug 8, 2014 10:01:06 PM ET

I started out weighing 126. now i'm 33 weeks and weigh 137. did i gain to much?

Guest Aug 15, 2014 03:00:23 AM ET

Seriously? no, it's not to much at all, hell by the time i was 33 weeks i gained 27 pounds and i'm 39 weeks now and have gained a total of 45. 11 pounds is nothing. ask your doctor what she thinks. they're the experts. i'm sure if she was concerned she would say something.

Suzy Aug 17, 2014 02:18:53 AM ET

Your wondering if gaining 11 lbs is to much at 33 weeks? you have got to be kidding. i would be asking have i gained enough. i'm a little surprised your doctor hasn't been a little concerned with such little weight gain for 33 weeks along.

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luckynumber7 Aug 7, 2014 06:55:44 PM ET

This is my tenth pregnancy, i have given birth to six healthy children with three miscarriages in between the last being 2/21/14. ob says i'm 6 weeks by lmp. already gained 5 lbs! jeans won't fasten. i've never gained this early on. help!!!!

Guest Sep 4, 2014 05:26:53 PM ET

Sounds more like water weight and bloating.

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Mckesha daniels Aug 6, 2014 08:51:29 PM ET

I'm 33 weeks and i started at 144 lbs. i'm 153 pounds. is that bad?

Mommiemoody Aug 8, 2014 02:38:19 PM ET

Not at all. i was 139lbs when i first knew i was pregnant. by 33 weeks i was 157, gaining only 17 lbs. i'm now 35 weeks and 1 day and have gained an extra 10 pounds, leaving me at 167 lbs. i feel like i ate a calf lmao, but i don't see the weight anywhere besides my stomach.

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