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Guest May 16, 2017 01:52:09 PM ET

I am 3 and a half months pregnant and i've gained 1561/2 pounds. i am scared because i don't know where all this weight is coming from or what it means to gain so much :((

Mommaof3 Aug 9, 2017 05:34:50 AM ET

Hun, i gained 110 pounds. i went from 170 to 280. once i had my baby i weighed 165. lost weight my first month breastfeeding, went to 206. my dad has a lot of female family and he told me that the body knows what it's doing for the baby. he's witnessed a lot of pregnancies lol. so as long as you're exercising and eating right and the dr says you're ok it will be ok. i freaked and cried a lot but looking back i'm glad because i had enough padding so laying in the labor bed wasn't so bad.

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Guest May 5, 2017 05:36:40 PM ET

Just in case there's any bigger girls out there. i started at 277lbs and i'm now 20 weeks and have lost 11lbs. most of this loss happened between week 7 and week 13 where i lost 13lbs mostly due to being off all food. no sickness just constant nausea. i have had no cravings but since week 13 i have put back on 2lbs. none of this is planned i've just tried to make sure i drink a lot of water and eat 3 normal varied meals. except for one occasion where i ate a share pack of popcorn for dinner by myself. not my proudest moment but mmm popcorn haha.

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Mollie Apr 19, 2017 01:00:39 AM ET

I am 20 weeks and 2 days. pre-pregnancy i was 106 lbs. now i'm at 108 lbs. i am 5 ft. this is my 5th pregnancy. my last baby i gained a total of 13 lbs at 41 weeks and baby was 7 lbs.

Guest Apr 20, 2017 01:04:30 PM ET

Mmm hmm.

Guest Apr 21, 2017 01:48:34 PM ET

You're okay, as long as you are seeing your doctor, eating and taking you prenatal vitamins, your baby is getting what it needs. i'm 31 weeks, 5'3, started at 130, and am now 139, with my 3rd baby.

guest Apr 25, 2017 10:43:21 PM ET

How do you gain so little weight? do you eat? i need to watch so i don't gain more than 30 pounds, and i started off at 165 at 5'7".

Guest May 6, 2017 03:49:10 AM ET

I'm 25 weeks with baby #3 and i've gained 4 pounds. my last 2 pregnancies i gained a total of 25 pounds. i'm about 5'10 and my beginning weight this time was 169. i'm usually about 150-155 pounds. my babies have both been born healthy. not sure why so little weight gain.

Sydney Jun 23, 2017 11:38:03 AM ET

I'm same. second baby- first gained a generous 15-17 lbs. now gained 11 at 32 weeks. i'm 5ft5, and pre baby was 134. i eat all day healthy snacks, and 3 meals a day just healthy smaller options, and not super interested in food despite trying to eat all day. first baby healthy 5lbs 11 oz.

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Nina Apr 1, 2017 01:05:06 AM ET

Hello dear. my weight is 80 kilo and my height is 170, and i am 11 weeks pregnant. am i to fat? oh, by the way, before my pregnancy, i was the same weight. please let me know about it. i am very worried. thank you all for this helpfull site.

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Kara Mar 26, 2017 01:05:03 AM ET

I am almost 14 weeks and started out 190 and at first i wasn't gaining much weight, i had finally gained a couple pounds then i went down a pound from what i started, and now i am up to 191, but still my weight will go down a little and then back up, which can be normal especially in the first trimester. this is my 5th baby, i gained quite a bit of weight with all my other kids, but wasn't this big before pregnancy, so i'm hoping to stay on track with this one.

Sarah Apr 5, 2017 11:30:13 AM ET

I gained alot of weight with my first pregnancy, about 15 lbs. with my second, and lost a bunch of weight with my 3rd. my 3rd pregnancy my weight was already elevated at 180, after he was born i dropped down to 140 lbs. this is my 4th pregnancy. i am 22 wks and have already gained 15 pounds. i think it can be pretty normal to gain less weight if you are already heavier then your average body weight.

Cassandra Apr 6, 2017 05:27:25 PM ET

What do you mean "finally" gained. you don't need to gain any.

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Tonya Mar 22, 2017 09:23:37 AM ET

I'm heavy to start off getting pregnant 165. im now 177 at 28 weeks. my doctor hasn't said anything about gaining more weight. am i still ok?

Guest Apr 17, 2017 04:11:00 PM ET

As long as the baby is growing you are fine. i'm 38 weeks and have only gained 12 pounds my whole pregnancy. i actually lost 6 lbs without trying within the last 2 weeks. during my 1st trimester i lost 16 lbs. according to my ultrasound my baby is 6.5 lbs and has been growing steadily. my dr isn't concerned at all.

Guest Apr 23, 2017 11:08:13 AM ET

I don't know exactly how much i weighed when i got pregnant, but i usually fluctuated between 160 an 165. at 9 weeks, i weighed 170; so i'm using 165 as my starting weight. i've never really considered 165 to be *that* heavy as it's considered an average bmi for my height, and i know i'm fairly active. now, at 25 weeks, i weigh 171. since i know that 165 is slightly on the heavy side of an average bmi, i'm not really concerned about my lack of weight gain. i know i'm eating a good diet for the most part and no doctor has expressed any concern over the weight nor has mentioned that the baby isn't getting enough. make healthy food choices, get some mild exercise every day, and talk to your doctor if you're worried, but if you're describing yourself as heavy, then i think your weight gain sounds perfect!

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Kimberly Mar 4, 2017 05:50:49 PM ET

I'm 22weeks pregnant. i was 147 before pregnancy then i lost 20 pounds during pregnancy. now i am weighing 160 pounds. i am 5feet4inches that bad??

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Guest Feb 24, 2017 10:46:28 AM ET

I'm 21weeks and 2days pregnant, i weighed 139 before and am 5'4 i weigh 155 now and dont eat alot extra. what can i do to keep it down?

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Kimberly Feb 3, 2017 11:35:30 PM ET

I'm 30 weeks pregnant with baby #2. pre pregnancy weight was 154. i lost weight in my first trimester. i now weigh 152

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Ilse Feb 2, 2017 09:06:40 AM ET

I'm 5'6 8 weeks pregnant. started pregnancy at 174, now i'm down to 167. i'm not craving anything, everything grosses me out or i force myself to eat. i can't wait until my first trimester is over. hate morning sickness or should i say all day sickness. i just want my energy back!!

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