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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 88

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RACHEL Dec 19, 2011 08:49:26 AM ET

Cc don't believe you know what you are talking about. i to at 5'5" was 170lb pre pregnancy. in the very early days of pregnancy i ran a half marathon, i climbed a mountain at 15 weeks pregnant and i still cycle 20 miles every sunday. i would still be running if it wasn't for the advise of the physio and problems before having my first with coccyx breaking. at 23 weeks i have gained 11 lbs. bmi is out dated and out moded means of testing my doctor told me because i was concerned my weight was so high for the ammount of excerise i was doing. for the record cc i am a was a very easy uk size 12 before becoming pregnant. if you would like to put my fitness to the test i am only to happy to help. you have no rights to comment on how fit somebody is by their weight alone.

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CC Dec 18, 2011 11:47:08 AM ET

Umm... for your height rebecca... you are obese. i don't care if your all muscle and no fat you still would not weigh 170lbs if you were fit.

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B Dec 17, 2011 09:14:58 AM ET

I am 33 weeks and have only gained 6lbs thanks to gestational diabetes! pre pregnancy weight was 123..... 7 more weeks to go.......

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valerie Dec 13, 2011 07:36:00 PM ET

I have not gained any weight and i am 18 weeks pregnant

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Brandy Dec 10, 2011 09:02:00 PM ET

My own doctor wanted me to maintain my weight (am "morbidly obese" according to him, "obese" according to this site) throughout my pregnancy. have upped my calories with fruits/veg/complex carbs, no cola, no fries (although i admit that the fries is more because i can't take the smell anymore), but still the same weight as when i found out (5'7", 206lbs) am 25 weeks as of today, and have been told repeatedly that i don't look pregnant by people who know me. had one woman accuse me of faking my pregnancy for attention. (lovely, right? then she felt the firm kick of my little girl and took it back straightaway) gained 40 pounds (give or take 5 on either side) with my first little girl.. would be nice if i didn't get too much bigger with this one, but i wouldn't bring myself to diet while pregnant in order to keep from doing it. starting to wonder if there isn't something wrong, though. feeling like i should have gained something by now.

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Rebecca Dec 6, 2011 09:36:27 PM ET

This is very wrong. i am 5'4 and because of my weight before pregnancy it says i was obese!! i am very fit and this doesnt take in to conseideration that muscle weight more then fat does, so im not concerned. my ob is not worried with my 18 lb weight gain and im 29 weeks. i was 170 pre preganacy.

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britni Dec 5, 2011 09:15:42 AM ET

This was very helpful. i thought i was way over weight but im right where i should be. 22wks and 140lbs..i am 5'2 3/4" and normally weigh 127. my goal is 120 but it took alot to get to 127 after having 5 in pregnant with baby #6. im not worried about losing the weight because i've done it before...calories in calories out..

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G Dec 4, 2011 09:29:16 AM ET

This is my fifth pregnancy, but the first one where i actually ate healthy and exercised regularly. i eat lots of organic fruit and veggies, i watched my salt intake and drank lots of water. everything is going well for me and my baby. i only have 5 weeks to deliver (via c-section) and i barely have any swelling verses my last pregnancy where i wasn't taking care of myself, had high blood pressure, gained a lot, and developed severe preeclampsia which was very scary! this time because i've really been on top of my vitamins and making better decisions with food, i've only gained 16 lbs. total! not bad for only having 5 weeks left of this pregnancy. i'm very proud of myself!

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Veronica Dec 2, 2011 01:42:27 AM ET

This is my 3rd pregnancy so yes i did still have some extra from my son still which is 5 now but i had a harder time shedding the inches. my pre prego weight this time around was 135 which it says i'm 25 over weight (it seems like if your not a size 5 or smaller your over weight how screwed is that) anyway i'm 9 weeks today haven't seen my doctor yet and don't know if its twins or not but i was goofing off on here my current weight is 141 i gained 6lbs already and this chart says its high even for twins. what if it is only one. i'm scared i've already gained too much.

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sarah Dec 1, 2011 11:25:47 AM ET

I'm 25 weeks pregnant, with a history of bulimia.. so weight gain was a huuge concern for me. i've gained 11lbs now, and it seems to be ok. pre preg i was 134lbs and healthy n now i'm 145. went to see the midwife today and i'm measuring perfect. i'm trying to eat well, and consume the amount of carbs that i should! goodluck ladies and think of your body as blossoming xxx

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