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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Comments & Discussion | Page 90

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Tami Nov 7, 2011 07:24:09 PM ET

I weighed 120 to start and now am 21 weeks and 136. i don't feel like i've gained too much but the weight chart says i'm 3 lbs. over the top limit. i can still wear my prepregnancy jeans so dont know what's up with that?!

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Meg Nov 7, 2011 08:01:30 AM ET

I'm pregnant with twins in my second pregnancy. i am another person who is "obese" but wore a size 12 (i'm 5'10) before getting pregnant. i have gained 24lbs and am 18 weeks prego. but... my point i want to make is, with my first child i gained 140lbs! that's a whole other adult! don't worry about being too big or gaining too much weight. your doctor will tell you if your baby is healthy and that is all that matters. better to be over than under. ps... i lost 140lbs by the time my son was 10 months old and my weight had shifted giving me a sexier more toned body than ever. good luck and don't stress!

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Mariah Nov 7, 2011 05:03:23 AM ET

Don't stress it!! so you may gain a little too much.. oh well.. as long as baby is healthy you are good to go!

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Mercedes Nov 6, 2011 02:51:54 PM ET

I am 16 weeks pregnant and have gained a total of 7 pounds... sadly it says i'm over my weight gain because i'm 5'3" and weighed 148 pounds pre-pregnancy. it's hard when i everyone around me is telling me the baby is supposed to be gaining weight not me this early on. even the doctors are getting on to me telling me how i'm gunna end up with preeclampsia and diabetes.

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Kaitlin Nov 3, 2011 12:16:23 AM ET

I started out at about 125lbs and now was about 180lbs, and i'm currently 40 weeks pregnant, waiting for baby to come. my doctor hadsn't once said anything about me gaining too much weight, only that me and my baby are doing perfect. (:

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Kim Nov 2, 2011 11:29:26 AM ET

I weighed 119lbs before i got pregnant and now i am 23 weeks and 6 days and weigh 136lbs. my doctor said i am 2lbs over my weight goal. i don't know what to do, i do pilates twice a week and am a very healthy eater, more of a snacker than meal person. now i just feel fat, not pregnant.

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Sam Nov 2, 2011 01:52:05 AM ET

I followed the advice in this program while i was pregnant with twins and wore my prepregnancy jeans home from the hospital. it worked amazing!! click here!

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Tanya Oct 31, 2011 10:27:30 PM ET

Before i got pregnant i weighed about 140 lbs. i am now 38 weeks exactly and i weigh 180 lbs. my nutritionist says i am over my ultimate weight gain by 5 lbs. i really dont see the weight in my body just my belly and i am worried my baby will be too big. my ob/gyn says she will be about 8.5 lbs by delivery but i fear it will be more. even 8.5 lbs is a dread as my son was 6.5 and i had to get an episiotomy.

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laurel Oct 31, 2011 12:05:22 AM ET

My daughter is 34 weeks today and has gained a total of 2lbs, that has worried me but her doctor says her weight gain is perfect..

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Sade' Oct 30, 2011 01:31:58 PM ET

I weighed 104lbs before my pregnancy and now i weigh 117.2lbs. i gained 13lbs and i'm 31 weeks today. i am not in a hurry to gain weight at all, & my baby is 4 ounces over her normal weigh range. i'm all baby and not fat. my body looks and respond pretty well. i just want to keep the fat that i do gain after pregnancy since they are in te right places.

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